Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008

Rachel slept until 7:00 this morning. It's a new record for her. I fed her and we all fell back asleep until 9:00. Andrew was a nice husband/daddy and got up and played with Rachel while I slept longer.

My whole body hurts. I feel like an old person or that I just worked out. Every bone hurts. It could have something to do with sprawling across the ice yesterday. Maybe. I finally dragged myself out of bed around 10:30 because Rachel needed me again. The minute she saw I was out of bed she was "mommy's girl." She cried when Andrew tried to take her from me and just wanted to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle. I guess yesterday was a little rough on her as well.

Soon after I got up, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Frank called us from Germany. They told us all about their travels through Jordan and Egypt, making us want to go to school in Cairo even more (c'mon, Andrew, finish that application)! I can't wait to live somewhere where I don't have to worry about snow.

My parents invited us over for a very yummy pancake brunch with sausage, eggs, and bacon, So the minute after we hung up with Grandma and Grandpa we grabbed our griddle, diaper bag and pizza stone (because you never know when you might need a pizza stone) and headed at the door.

Aftger enjoying that wonderful meal, we watched the fifth Harry Potter movie, which was pretty good although a little too long for Rachel to sit through. She had a grand old time with grammy, though.

She ate frozen peas, discovered how to go backwards in a walker, and pulled a lot of hair. She has a fistful of Auntie Josie and Grammy's hair here. I'm smiling because she doesn't have my hair.

We spent most of our time goggling over Rachel and her little antics. She loves being the center of attention! She was hard to keep track of--everyone kept stealing her from one another and taking her off to see new things. She was a very happy girl the whole time and wasn't too pleased when we started getting ready to go.

Of course, she's never to happy to be getting ready to go anywhere. She hates bundling up. (She thinks Daddy should hurry up and finish his application, too!)

On the way over to Andrew's parents' Rachel grabbed a toy dangling from the handle of her car seat and held onto it for dear life. Five minutes later when we arrived at their house, Rachel was still clinging to it. She brought it into the house and wouldn't let go of it for the longest time. Then someone showed her a cup and she traded her toy for the cup. I don't know what it is about her but she just loves water, especially if it comes in a cup.

We broke out our pizza stone and made some wonderful homemade pizza with everyone's help--except mine. Usually I'm in charge of making the dough and rolling it out but I was out of commission so we got to watch Andrew struggle through it.

Red was the color of the day, apparently. I didn't get the memo.

Dinner was wonderful. Pizza always is. We could eat pizza every day and never get sick of it. We ate pizza for dinner almost every day during our honeymoon. It's kind of like the "rice and beans" of Italy. Pizza and pasta. If you had the choice between rice and beans and pizza and pasta, what would you choose? As for me and my house, we would choose pizza and pasta. Although I do like beans and rice, just not every day.

We introduced Andrew's family to Set, and I'm happy to announce that I won every round. Even while helping entertain Rachel (although Grandma did most of the work there) and missing part of a round to give a diaper change.

Now we're back home. Rachel's asleep already. Andrew's taking a practice GRE. And I'm sitting here blogging. We had a good day. Definitely a good start to a new year!


  1. just so you know, Charlotte has great winter weather. It's now 'abnormally cold', with a high of 39 degrees... so going South is all you really need...

    Also, I hurt my elbow in almost the exact same way (ice skating, not getting clobbered by a HS girl) in Jr. High. It hurt like crazy for a couple of weeks, but it did eventually get better. It's still no fun, though!

  2. you know I really like pizza and pasta too. However I would choose rice over pizza any day here in Korea. Korean pizza stinks (except for Costco)! And the rice and side dishes are oh so good here...yum.

  3. pizza and pasta for the Parkses. Doesn't that have a nice ring? Although Matt did the rice-and-beans-every-day-while-on-a-mission-in-Latin-America thing and like it just fine. Still my guess is that he would prefer pizza and pasta.