Friday, January 18, 2008

An evening out

On our way to our date tonight, I had to make Andrew stop and turn the car around. We forgot to drop the baby off at the sitter's. He forgot that we were going to take her to a babysitter's and so thought it was perfectly normal to have her in the car with us.

So we were a little late getting to Val's. We walked in the door and unpacked Rachel and explained to Val the things that Rachel wants to do.

Val took Rachel and we said goodbye.

Apparently Rachel understands that word because before we even turned around to actually leave she started throwing a fit. Val walked into the living room to check on Sawyer with Rachel screaming on her hip. We sneaked out the front door and were soon on our way to BYU for some bowling.

We're cheapskates. We used the 2 for 1 tickets that David got us and, I'm sorry to report, didn't win any new ones (so if you have any more that you don't want, you can give them to us. We like bowling even though we are horrible).

Our scores were so bad that we didn't even take a picture of them because we didn't want them forever captured in time. I will tell you what they were from what I can remember...

First round: Me, 69; Andrew 97.

I know, terrible. My arm was sore before half the frames were over. I think this either has to do with my elbow contusion (because it's sure flamed up again) or the fact that Andrew challenged me to use a heavier ball. It was fun still.

When Andrew went up to pay for the second game the Games Center people were thronging in to bowl. Two freshmen wards and a mutual group had come in and Andrew just barely got to the desk alive and paid with cash for our next game ($3--woot!) before every member of the two freshmen wards paid for their bowling with individual credit cards. Yikes! I think that's the first time in history that paying with cash has actually been useful and more convenient than paying with a card.

Unless, of course, you count life before plastic as history...which I guess it is.

Anyway, the second game was going absolutely horribly for me at the beginning, and only moderately better for Andrew. I was striking out all over the place, and when I say "striking" I don't mean it in the bowling sense of the word. I mean it more in the baseball way. I got gutter ball after gutter ball after gutter ball.

Of course, I did try bowling with a 16 pound ball, at Andrew's behest. That was much to heavy for my poor little arm--I almost bowled myself down the alley but I did manage to let go of the ball in time...and then it took 5 minutes to get down to the pins.

Needless to say, I wasn't doing too well. I think I had a 30-something at the fifth frame, where Andrew was so kind to point out that he had already bowled a 69 (my previous score). I was so bad that I'm pretty sure the deacons next to us were making fun of me.

I don't even know that they were deacons. They could have been priests for all I know...all these high school kids look young nowadays. We're getting so old.

Well, on the last frame I got a strike (the bowling kind, not the baseball kind) and upped my score to 73! That came out of no where! Andrew got a 104 or something ridiculously high like that. (See, Crystal, I really could bowl with you and make you feel good).

Anyway, to make a long story short, my baby loves me.

We grabbed some food at Orville and Wilbur's after we were finished bowling--it took forever to come so once it did we wolfed it down and ran to go pick up Rachel who was still screaming when we arrived at Val's. Poor, poor Val.

Rachel looked so sad and so very, very tired yet she just kept screaming for mommy. For over two hours. I'm not even sure that Rachel ever stopped to catch her breath. It may have just been one continuous wail. Poor, poor Val!

Rachel was so happy to see us though, and that made me happy. She fell asleep in the car on the way home (it's like a one minute drive--Val lives right around the corner) and then just wanted to snuggled (and nurse) once we got in the door.

It made up for being made fun of by the Young Men at the bowling alley.


  1. Aah, Orville and Wilbur. That's where Taber took me for our second date :) Romantic, huh? Gotta love their chicken though.
    Sounds like a pretty fun date night. I'm impressed - date nights seem to get rarer and rarer as the time goes by...Good job guys! We'll have to challenge you to a bowling match sometime.

  2. When you say challenge, do you mean "We'll all do poorly together," or do you mean "We'll totally show you up?"

    Either way, it sounds fun!

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun. I am jealous. Jared & I haven't been out on a date since we went his work Christmas party the first week in December. Before I had kids I use to make fun a friend of mine because she and her husband never went out without their daughter. Now I totally understand where she was coming from. I am jealous of those who can leave their kids and go out on a real date. Oh and call me stupid but what is Orville and Wilbur??

  4. Do you realize we were on a date last night bowling as well...and we also bowled two games and we also bowled with a bunch of freshmen boys (we were at the University of Illinois bowling alley). WEIRDO! Anyway I scored an 83 and an 85. I was very disappointed because of my before mentioned 90+ score but Jason pointed out they were part of an upward trend which is positive and that usually I only gutter ball after a strike or spare. Apparently the pressure of extra points is to much for me.

  5. Crys,
    I have bowled in the U of I bowling alley too! Are you currently living in Champaign? How fun! I lived 30 minutes from Champaign during high school.

    Nancy - you make me laugh :) I mean "challenge" in the sense that you'll probably end up kicking our trash.