Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just like Dad

This morning Andrew was helping Rachel on the potty while he brushed his teeth. Rachel loves brushing her teeth and is pretty fascinated when mom and dad purposely put things in our mouth, mostly because we often don't (put things in our mouth...not brush our teeth. We do the latter often). She decided that she should give Andrew a little help and then kind of took over the whole operation, involving her own little mouth in the process.

When Andrew decided that this method of teeth cleaning was too cumbersome he handed Rachel her own toothbrush.

She was so proud--to be brushing her teeth all by herself while daddy was brushing his teeth was a new thing. Usually she brushes her teeth at night several hours before we do and doesn't often brush her teeth in the morning until after daddy leaves for school, so this was a real treat. So often she's just stuck brushing with boring old mom (whom she happens to love and adore and be really, really attached to right now).

Perhaps we have a little dental hygienist on our hands. Or a dentist. Or an orthodontist. Or an orthopedic surgeon. Or maybe even a world-famous tooth brush designer. At any rate, the girl loves brushing her teeth.


  1. Haha! Maybe she just likes chewing on things, and a toothbrush is something she's actually ALLOWED to chew on as much as she likes, hence the great love for brushing teeth...

  2. What a cutie! And she will have healthy baby teeth!

  3. Heidi, yeah, we thought of that, too, but the prospect of her becoming a world famous tooth brush designer was much more alluring reason for loving tooth brushes than simply the fact that she's teething still. (No pressure, Rachel).

    Marquita, you're alive!!!

  4. So cute - love her sitting on the potty!

  5. i think she's just crazy awesome like me! i absolutely love brushing my teeth. it's definitely on my top ten favorite activities list. my roommates make fun of me for it all the time. but i'm sure rachel understands- it's just one of the most fabulous things you can do!!!