Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Play with me!

We dumped out the blocks yesterday and I think Rachel chewed on every single one before she finally decided she was finished playing with them. It's kind of strange to hear her chew on things now that she has teeth because I can hear them grating on everything. She had a great time throwing the blocks and knocking over every tower I tried to build. For some odd reason the blocks that I was playing with were much more interesting than any block she had her hands on.

Today she was really into playing as well. She was over by the couch and I built a tower of blocks and she crawled right over to it to knock it over. She's getting so fast--even though she is still belly-flopping her way along. She knows how to get her legs to move one at a time but keeps so much of her weight on her arms that when she tries to lift up one of them she falls over. Soon she'll be able to go wherever she wants in the house (lucky for me she's still afraid of the wood floors from her face planting days and hasn't ventured off the carpet much).

We got a nice long nap in this morning but Rachel was too energetic to have a nap this afternoon. She fell asleep in my arms so I put her in her crib and started doing some things around the house. I thought she was asleep because she was being so quiet but then I heard her music playing and went to check on her. She had unwrapped herself and crawled over to her teddy bears, just talking quietly to herself and hitting the button on her little fish bowl. I don't think she slept more than 5 minutes--but I'm certainly glad she chose to entertain herself instead of crying out for me!


  1. I have this weird thing that having wood in my mouth (like toothpicks or popsicle sticks) makes my teeth hurt, and I can't really explain it better than that. Even the thought of having wood in someone's mouth weirds me out, so my bottom two teeth are hurting right now for Rachel. I'm sure she doesn't mind it though. :)

  2. Does this child ever blink? :)

  3. Dear Heidi,



    Actually, occasionally she does. But I think she's kind of like an iguana and has a "third eye" that can sense light (and perhaps, in her case, movement) when her other two eyes are closed.

  4. Are those blocks from Melissa and Doug? I think we have the same ones. They are so cute!

    And wow she's crawling already that's exciting!