Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing with Maggie

Rachel has been blessed with many, many friends, which is a very good thing because she's a social baby. Today she played with 10 different friends. She's a very lucky girl because there are so many little babies in the ward right around her age. Today we had Maggie and Ian over to play. Maggie is about a week younger than Rachel and they had quite a bit of fun together. Most of my time was spent insuring that no eyeballs got skewered on curious fingers and that no one accidentally got eaten.

Ian spent most of his time exploring all the new toys. He didn't want to go home because there were still toys unseen when Heather came to collect them. He especially liked our car puzzle and all the toy food.

There was lots of touching done by Rachel...

...And a little done by Maggie.

There was also quite a bit of holding hands. Rachel was quite affectionate with everyone today, really. She gave Maggie a kiss on the cheek and on the forehead and also kissed both Isabelle and Eliza during playgroup.

We need to make more play dates, I think. Rachel loves watching kids play and trying to interact with them--it makes her behave better for the rest of the day. She took both of her naps without a fight today and was such a happy girl all day long. Who knows, maybe if she makes really good friends with some kids in our ward she won't mind it if Andrew and I leave her to be babysat every once in a could happen, right? She won't want to keep me in her sight forever, will she?


  1. oh so cute!! I love the one of Maggie trying to pull Rachel's hair. Maggie loves hair, long or short she likes having her fingers in it. She had an amazing grip. Thanks for watching my kids. If you need someone to watch Rachel sometime let me know, we would love to have her come over.

  2. That all sounds familiar. Last night we got to have Derek and Aubrey while Mike and Deanna went home teaching. Aubrey loved patting Amy's head and only went for her eye once. Derek was excited by our books and giving Amy kisses. He also really wanted Amy to get to enjoy her toy bar that goes on her car seat. There is a frog on it, and if you push the frog's eyes, it plays songs. Derek pushed them over and over making it switch between songs after only about two notes. He liked putting the frog right in front of Amy's face so she could see the lights. I don't think he understood that it probably wasn't Amy's favorite sensation of her life. Those kids are so cute and fun. We loved having them over. Oh, and at one point I took Amy to put her in her saucer so the other two couldn't get her. Aubrey was sad that I didn't let her leave the nursery too. So she stood by the door and blocked me from coming back in. I had to call to Derek to come help me get Aubrey out of the way.