Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Forgetfullness : Elephant :: Punctuality : Andrew

So, Rachel decided to wake up early this morning--6ish. She fell back asleep in our bed for a couple hours, but by 8 she was completely restless. Since she refused to sleep and Nancy, the sore broken one, refused to get up, I played the hero and woke up early to play with Rachel.

8 AM is early for a vacation. There was only one day this break that I had to get up earlier than 10--the day I had scheduled for the GRE. On my mental calendar, this event was scheduled for 8 AM on January 3rd. Tomorrow morning.

As I let Rachel roll around for a couple hours, I dinked around on the internet looking at news, blogs, and such. At 10 Nancy emerged and came and joined me in my internet dinking.

At 10:18, I checked my e-mail and saw a weird item on the agenda for today, scheduled from 9-1: the GRE. I panicked. I frantically searched for the confirmation page I got after registering. Surely my mental calendar was right--I was taking the test tomorrow and would be studying and practicing all day today.

The confirmation page confirmed that in fact, I was wrong. My mental calendar failed me. Google Calendar won. I was 1 hour and 19 minutes late for a test I had paid $140 for!

I called the testing center (as per Nancy's advice) and discovered that I could still take the test and not be charged any cancellation or reregistration fee if I got there before 1 PM, so I rushed down to Lindon to take the GRE.

No relaxing day of studying for me today. Nope. Just a stressful 3 hours of crazy test taking.

Now the GRE is done. Tomorrow is no longer doomsday. I can now revel in the remainder of today, basking in the height of my scores, which were, umm.... something. I had forgotten them by the time I got in my car to go home.



  1. The irony is that you were up with plenty of time to get ready and get to the testing center on time! :)

  2. Way to go Rachel! Waking Daddy up on time. Good girl.

  3. Did we mention that he was two hours late?

  4. Andrew that is the kind of thing that happens to people in their nightmares. Crazy! I'm sure all went well regardless. The lesson I'm taking away from this is to always check your e-mail first in your online dinking :)

  5. Although it was perfect nightmare material, at least I was fully clothed for the actual test.

  6. All I remember post-GRE was going to my boyfriend's house and taking a nap. I'm sure I knew my scores, but I didn't know what they meant, nor did I care at that exact moment. I still don't care, now that I'm finally in my grad program of choice. Enjoy the post-test freedom!

  7. Sounds like a fun day to us!!! Only kidding. Hope your score was high enough to please you (and AUC). Can you take it again??

    Have a great 'rest of your vacation'....

  8. Actually, luckily enough for me, AUC doesn't care about GRE score unless I apply to the MS in Economics program.

    I only actually took it so I wouldn't feel stupid applying to one grad school. The U of U requires it, so I took it.

    I can take it again - once per month up to 5 times a year.

  9. wow, that really stinks. At least you were able to take it and not waste all that money! I hope you did good though!

  10. Whoa - you FORGOT your scores? And you got up early with the baby? I'm impressed... But I bet that's nice to get the test done early and not stress about it!