Friday, January 25, 2008

Late Night Wanderings

Both Rachel and I have had a hard time sleeping this week--between nightmares and waking up screaming for no apparent reason we haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep. We've been taking plenty of naps during the day though and, truthfully, we could pass out just about anywhere. We're that tired.

Rachel asleep right before dinner last night, in the middle of the floor
See, here is how I found Rachel in her crib after her morning nap. That is not how I put her down, I promise. She looks like she fell asleep mid-crawl or something. I wonder where she was going.

Anyway, not last night but the night before Rachel woke up at 2 AM making an absolute racket. She was inconsolable and spitting mad. She was screaming so loudly that she woke Andrew up. Anyone who has had to try to wake Andrew up knows that this is an amazing feat--she must have been louder than I thought (Dear neighbours, Sorry). I was rocking her and singing her soft lullabies to no avail.

Meanwhile Andrew looked over at my side of the bed. He saw a lump in the bed and thought it was me sleeping soundly through Rachel's tantrum so he got up to rescue her himself (for the first time in her life, ever, because he usually sleeps through any noise that she makes). He stumbled down the hall, the whole two feet of it, to her bedroom and then stopped dead in his tracks.

There was already someone in there holding his baby. Impossible, he thought, because his wife was still asleep in bed. He quickly went to our bedroom to double check that I was in bed.

Sure enough, there was that wife-like lump.

He looked back into the baby's bedroom and noticed that the stranger's moonlit silhouette looked a lot like my own moonlit silhouette so he went back to bed and found, where he thought I was, a pillow. Convinced that I was the one comforting the baby and not some stranger, Andrew went back to sleep while I battled Rachel--not knowing that he had gotten up to take care of her. Sheesh, had I know he wanted to deal with it, I would have gone back to bed myself!

Turns out Rachel had woken up and wet her diaper and was not about to go back to sleep wet, no sir. As soon as I put a fresh diaper on her, she was fine and fell back to sleep in a manner of minutes.

She woke up last night, too, and screamed loudly enough to rouse Andrew (Dear neighbours, Sorry...again). I tried rocking her again but she would have none of it so I put her back in her crib, after checking her diaper of course, and pushed the button on her little fish bowl music box. That was exactly what she wanted--she stopped crying and fell asleep in less than ten minutes. Now that's all well and fine but, she knows how to turn the music on so why didn't she just do it herself instead of screaming to get me to do it? It will forever be a mystery, I guess.

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