Friday, January 18, 2008

Tooth #2

Must be something special about Friday afternoons. Rachel's second tooth finally pushed through, right next to tooth number one. Perhaps that's why she was so fussy for Val--we'll have to apologize again and show off her new tooth.

Rachel's first tooth, that is now up so far that you can see all the little ridges on it, looks foreignly large and out of place in her mouth. It is also razor sharp, which I keep forgetting until she grabs my hand and sticks it in her mouth to teethe on. Then I remember pretty quickly and tell her not to bite mommy. I didn't care before she had teeth, but I've since learned to care.

She's always had a strong grip with her mouth and the teeth just make it almost unbearable. She wants to chew on everything in sight, which, if I'm holding her, is often my hand.

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