Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The One and Only Cheerio

On Saturday we gave Rachel her first Cheerio. She did with it the same thing she did with her first accidental bite of a saltine cracker--started choking immediately. So, her Cheerio experience was rather short-lived...

Until today! It's our MYOLO (Make Your Own/Left Over) day today. Andrew had oriental noodles. I had macaroni and cheese. Rachel had Cheerios. It's kind of amazing--our fridge is full of leftovers but they are all more than a week old and therefore kind of scary. So because we were scared we made our own stuff, except the falafel. We ate that. And the beans.

At first Rachel wasn't quite sure she liked Cheerios, but she didn't choke so we kept feeding them to her. After she was done with the first one she wanted another and another and another.

She still doesn't act like she knows what to do with them yet. Believe it or not, this clip was taken 10 minutes into her Cheerio experience. That look of utter disgust that she puts on her face when I put the Cheerio in her mouth, I think that's actually enjoyment. She sometimes gets her emotions mixed up, as a lot of people do. Fondness is strangely easy to mistake for loathing. And Rachel's peals of laughter have been known to tun into tears on more than one occasion.

This evening's Cheerio encounter came to an abrupt halt when Rachel choked on a Cheerio and showered me with a gooey mess of Cheerio, water, and some other sticky fluid. She still wanted more, but I was done. Yuck! We'll try some more another day.


  1. You should give her onion rings like we used to for Patrick... she's about the right age :)

  2. Did you recently watch Stardust? And do you know why I'm asking? :)

  3. Abra: as if! You know he still only eats junk food, right? Besides, she doesn't do well with spicy...

    Bridget: yes. I thought it was a good movie, personally. My brother saw it 3 times in the theater and then rented it for our family...I'm not sure I liked it that much but it was still a good movie. :)

  4. Andrew says that I didn't answer your second question. Yes.

  5. Haha! True... but it sure worked, and they're bigger than a cheerio... by the time was done sucking on them they were nothing but mush anyways... Also... for the record... onion rings are not spicy...

  6. Not according to Rachel. She doesn't like salty anything. I'm sure onion flavor would be spicy for her.

  7. too bad. She should talk to Malachi. (We know she practically idolizes him... C'mon, you saw the way she was watching him with the paper taped over his mouth, and then the full on kiss when he was going in for a peck on the forehead...!) When I was pregnant with him, I craved spicy (not that I don't like it anyways :) ) But he loves spicy foods now...

  8. ps. it's sour cream and onion flavored. I'm sure the sour cream takes out any spiciness whatsoever and leaves only good flavor behind. Yeah, I'm kinda hungry now, especially for those sour cream n' onion rings.

  9. I LOVE the idea of MYOLO - especially if it's scheduled, becuase I feel guilty everytime we have a day like that....maybe if it was scheduled I wouldn't feel so bad. I'm starting that right now.

  10. Andrew, that reminds me of our YO-YO dinners. Remember You're On Your Own?

  11. Yo-Yo! Andrew thought he remembered something like that from his childhood but couldn't remember quite that's why we came up with MYOLO.

    And perhaps that disgusted look really was disgust. Rachel ate about four Cheerios tonight before she started crying. I gave her a sip of water and then she refused every Cheerio I got past her lips.

    She'd "Mmmm, mmm, mmmm," at me, which is something she does when she's hungry (and when she's not hungry) and then would open up her mouth at me to show me that her "mmms" actually were hungry "mmmms" and not the non-hungry cry.

    I'd put a Cheerio in her mouth and she'd spit it out and cry and cry.

    Finally I went over to the kitchen and got out a baby spoon. She saw it and smiled. I got a jar of smooshy bananas. She smiled bigger.

    I walked over to her and she just about jumped out of her chair for joy.

    Apparently she didn't want Cheerios for dinner two nights in a row. The bananas were a big hit!

  12. Love her faces when she's eating! She definitely was enjoying that Cheerio...