Sunday, January 13, 2008

Major Breakthrough

Try as we might, we still can't get a good look at Rachel's first tooth. She bites down on our fingers or covers her tooth with her tongue every time we try to sneak a peek.

I was right about which tooth would come in first: her lower front left one. It made its first appearance on Friday afternoon. At least, that's when I noticed it--it hurts significantly more when she bites now, which was how I found out her tooth broke through her gums.

We try to remember to brush Rachel's tooth every night. I've been brushing her "teeth" since she was really little but only sporadically because she didn't have any teeth so it really seemed pointless. Once she started teething though it became one of her favorite activities. She would get all excited every time I walked her into the bathroom--she'd spy the toothbrushes and start squealing and reaching for them. It's still hard to remember to do because I keep forgetting that she has teeth...

First I give her a good rub down with the finger toothbrush, which she just can't get enough of. She doesn't like it when I rub her gums with my finger, but if I put the brush on and rub she relishes every moment of it.

After that we give her a toothbrush and she chews on it for however long we'll let her have it, or until she jabs herself in the back of the mouth with it, or until she throws it across the room.

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