Friday, January 25, 2008

How I eat my lunch

With Rachel around I can hardly get a bite in edgewise. She is either too interested in what I'm eating and tries to grab it or knock it off the table, or she isn't interested in what I'm eating at all and instead wants to nurse or play. Both include a lot of whining and crying.

Today I got a little smarter. I put her in her high chair next to me and gave her some Cheerios. She was still interested in my sandwich and especially wanted my piece of cheese, but the Cheerios placated her and I was able to eat my lunch in peace. At least almost in peace.

Rachel has been working at grabbing the Cheerios with her thumb and finger; she's improved immensely--she used to just poke it with either her thumb or pointer finger. However, she often gets the Cheerio stuck in her fist. She knows it's in there and tries desperately to put it in her mouth but just can't seem to open her hand and get that Cheerio in her mouth. If I take the Cheerio away in order to give her a chance to try again or put it in her mouth, she gets upset. If I let her just keep trying, she gets upset. Lose, lose.

I think Rachel ended up getting about 3 Cheerios in her mouth, 5 or so between her mouth and the floor (on her tummy, on her high chair, etc), and only 8 or 9 on the floor. Not too shabby, really. I fed her a lot more Cheerios than she fed herself, but she likes to try and I don't mind that at all. It keeps her from clamoring away at me while I'm trying to eat.

The only thing I do mind is how she bites on the table. She pushes back against the table with her arms (or legs) and balances her chair on the back two legs. That makes me so nervous! I didn't think I'd have to reprimand Rachel about tilting her chair backwards until she was at least in grade one!

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  1. Okay so here is all I know about cake decorating. One, I got this supper great book from the library to help when I was practicing for my sisters wedding.

    Wedding Cakes You Can Make: Designing, Baking, and Decorating the Perfect Wedding Cake (Hardcover)
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    It had all kinds of helpful hints like the time table on when to do things. Who knew there was an ordering on these things.

    Two-Fresh flowers or fruit are a great way to go since for some reason I really struggle with making frosted ones.

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    And that is all I know about wedding cakes. Congrats to your sister and congrats to you. This should be really fun! And congrats to Andrew because I'm sure he will enjoy eating all the practice cakes :)