Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Pathetic Wednesday

We had a super lazy day today, which is probably why I'm doing all these massive picture dumps. Miriam woke up with a kink in her neck and refused to get off the couch all day long (she got up twice to use the potty—that is all). The poor little thing was miserable and I totally empathized with her because I remember getting a few killer kinks in my neck back when I was around her age. They were debilitating, tear-worthy, and horrible. I remember borrowing my dad's neck brace a few times, which I'm sure looked ridiculous (I also do not recall why he had a neck brace), to help hold my head up because the pain was awful.

We tried heating pads, ice packs, massage, and many other tricks. Nothing worked so mostly she just stayed on the couch all day watching television, reading books, taking naps, playing with her brother, and snacking on foods you can eat while lying down. She was so pathetic; we're hoping her neck resets overnight (we massaged ICY/HOT on it before putting her to bed).

Benjamin tried to cheer her up.

He also gave her several kisses. The girls don't like his kisses. They say they're too wet.

This guy is seriously so drooly. He leaves puddles of drool everywhere he goes (when he's not leaving behind lakes of spit up, that is).

When I suggested to Miriam that she take a nap she surprised me by closing her eyes and falling asleep right there on the couch, within five minutes. I was going to put her down in her bedroom but was busy with Benjamin and the next thing I knew she was out like a light. Benjamin, unfortunately, was not ready for a nap, so he helped me with some laundry.

Then Benjamin and I quietly played with blocks together.

That's the first time in a long time that it's been just Benjamin and me. The couple of weeks we spent in Utah together while everyone else drove out here hardly counts because he wasn't really interactive back then. This is the first time just Benjamin and I got to play together without anyone else butting in. It was rather nice!

Then Miriam woke up and I was, once again, fulfilling her every whim while still trying to accomplish some housework. Benjamin finally fell asleep in the front carrier while I was sweeping the floor, which was perfect timing because as soon as I put him down in his bed Miriam asked me to help her go potty (she cried the whole time because she just wanted to lie back down on the couch).

Benjamin woke up some time after Rachel got home from school. She was quite cheerful and wrote in her journal, "We made a shape project." Aside from a backwards j, she wrote everything perfectly. I taught her the "silent e" rule a while ago and suddenly she can read and spell dozens of more words correctly.

Meanwhile, Benjamin went back to examining the laundry basket. I had put him down on his back with a teething ring but he threw that to the side in favour of the holes on the laundry basket. He likes to stick his fingers in holes.

Here he is checking on me—probably wondering why I'm taking his picture again.

And here he is cheering up Miss Rachel, who stubbed her toe on the couch.

Cheering up his sisters is almost a full-time job for him. He's good at it, too. So good, in fact, that I doubt there's anyone he couldn't cheer up. He's just that cute.

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