Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jacob and Shayla

We were a little bummed when Jacob asked Shayla to marry him—in August after Andrew and the girls left for North Carolina but before Benjamin and I had headed out—but only because we knew we wouldn't be able to go to the wedding. Not three months after moving all the way out here. Still, we were thrilled for them because we were on Team Jacob/Shayla from the very beginning.

So, this weekend, while Andrew went to a conference in Indiana (and stayed with our friends the Slades—thanks, guys!) the rest of our family gathered in Utah for Jacob and Shayla's wedding and I...sat at home with three whiny children all by myself.

I jest. We actually had a pretty fun day and we even got to pop in (with a little help from Grandma and her iPhone) at the family lunch and later at the wedding reception.

The first evidence we saw of the happy couple was a picture that Shayla's mom posted on facebook:

I showed it to the girls and Rachel said, "Yay! Now we have Auntie Shayla!"

Welcome to the family, Shayla!

Soon, Grandma Skyped us from the cultural hall and gave us a tour of the family lunch she'd prepared. We got to say hello to Auntie Sarah and Uncle Cory, to Grandma Pat and Dave, to Aunt Nicki, other people I'm sure (it's been a long week; forgive me). Oh, Emily and Morgan, I think. And...uh...truthfully the girls were more interested in looking at the tables.

Karen had gone with a Disney theme and each table was set with a different movie. I have to wonder if the garbage can story was told at the would only be fitting. Anyway, the girls kept asking to be brought to different tables so they could look at the settings.

Grandma let us go so that she could finish getting some things ready but called back a few minutes later when Jacob and Shayla arrived. We were happy to get to chat with the bride and groom for a second, even if they appeared while I was in the middle of changing Benjamin's diaper. We didn't get a very good connection for this call so both Shayla and Jacob look a little... monstrous...but I assure you they're a handsome couple in real life.

The girls were a little upset that we weren't there enjoying that fun party with everybody else so we decided that we'd throw our own party for Jacob and Shayla at our house. The girls decided on "Tangled Soup" for dinner (that would be Ramen noodles (Rapunzel hair) cooked in tomato soup—very classy, I know) and set the table with their princess bowls so that we could have a Dinsey-themed meal, too.

I got a Dora bowl. Rachel said she wasn't really sure if Dora was a Disney character or not but since she and Rachel already claimed the princess bowls I didn't have any other option (you know, besides all the other bowls in the cupboard). I told her that I didn't mind having the Dora bowl. Come on, guys, it's a Dora bowl—it's adorable!

Can I even tell you how long that joke has been sitting on my tongue? Every time I see that bowl I smile.

After they'd decided on plates and cups and utensils, Rachel started stressing out about napkins.

"Mom! We need Disney napkins! Everyone else has Disney napkins! Maybe...can I draw on some napkins and we can use those? I think I want a princess napkin."

I didn't really want the girls to spend five million years decorating napkins for dinner (since dinner was ready) so I told them that I would make disney napkins for them. I quickly drew a trio of circles and wrote "Jacob & Shayla" inside. The girls thought it was the best thing ever.

"I am only going to use the back up my napkin so that I don't mess up the front. That is the most beautiful Mickey Mouse I have ever seen! You are an artist, Mom!" Rachel told me. "And it's so special because it says 'Jacob and Shayla' on it and they got married today. Oh, this is just like a real reception!"

Her praise was quite uncalled for, but I was glad she was happy.

After dinner we headed to the bathtub and we had just gotten into warm jammies and settled onto the couch for story time when Grandma called us on Skype again and this time took us around the reception.

We saw Brother Myler (our primary chorister), Aunt Lynnea and Uncle Clark, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Cory (again), Auntie Emily and Uncle Morgan (playing some background music), Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Frank, several other people and, of course, the bride and groom!

Shayla loves the show Dr. Who—I've never seen it but—and their whole reception was based on it. They had a Dr. Who cake...

...and someone built them a telephone booth bookcase that was on display. It was a pretty cute reception! We were sorry to miss it but are so, so happy for Shayla and Jacob!


  1. Well obviously I think that is the best cake ever. Glad you were able to enjoy the festivities even if you weren't there and that Andrew is almost home so you won't be alone anymore:)

  2. Love the idea of individual Disney tables. So cute!

  3. I didn't get the adorable thing until I reread it twice. haha

  4. I didn't get the adorable thing until I reread it twice. haha

  5. Who is Sarah and Cory? I've never heard of them on this blog before. ?