Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Park, in pictures

On Monday I took the kids to the park while Rachel was at school (which is a long way to say that on Monday I took Miriam and Benjamin to the park).

If you shove a blanket and a front carrier in the swing with Benjamin he's big enough to swing by himself!

Miriam thought it was awesome that they were swinging together.

Benjamin was a jovial customer—he didn't once demand "Higher! Higher! Higher!"

Miriam, on the other hand, did.

I don't think Miriam ever gets bored of swinging.

Benjamin does. Fortunately, he has other ways to entertain himself. 

Eventually we moved onto the slides.

Miriam has this awful habit of saying that she wants to hold Benjamin on her lap down the slide (Rachel does it just fine) but then she'll push him off her lap and down the slide by himself. It's slightly terrifying. So we changed the way Miriam goes down the slide "with" Benjamin. Now she's in charge of sending him down. That way we're both on the same page—because Benjamin really needs a catcher at the bottom of the slide at this stage of his life.

This only looks like they went down at the same time. In reality Benjamin's just chilling at the bottom waiting to be picked up; Miriam slid down to join him after sending him down for me to catch.

Benjamin is not sure what to think about slides.

Miriam wanted to try the big girl swing, but only for a minute.

Then we made a "whole-family train" and went down the twisty slide together. 

More than once.

Miriam then went down several times by herself while Benjamin and I watched. It was more fun for her this way because the whole-family train moves very slowly down the slide since I can't bend my legs with two children sitting on them and my length makes it difficult to take the curves.

Miriam decided that bridges are actually fun, not scary. This is a brand-new development. She discovered racing across bridges and jumping on bridges and doing all sorts of things!

She told Benjamin to "try it! It's not scary!" So he tried it. 

He really liked the holes.

Miriam decided to get down on his level to see what he could see but decided that all that he could see was really boring.

So she got up and walked away.

It was nice to get some wiggles out before Rachel came home from school. It was also nice to enjoy our 60+ degree weather—it's pretty nice!

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