Thursday, April 17, 2014

Benjamin: Day 682

I figured since I've been updating on our frogs so frequently I should at least dedicate a post to Benjamin, who is also rapidly developing. He's 1 year, 10 months, and 13 days old today.

We're currently working on both weaning and potty training and are about equally successful with both. Benjamin is fully potty trained—with only an accident or two every day. He's also fully weaned—with only an accident or two every day. In other words, he's neither weaned or potty trained but, by golly, we're getting there.

Technically he's only supposed to nurse once in the morning and once before bed. Lately he's been begging to reinstate his mid-afternoon session but I've been firm about declining him. Eventually we'll somehow cut out the last two sessions. He's rather dependent on them. I don't really know what to do but we'll think of something, probably after Daddy's around to help calm Benjamin's nerves when I tell him no.

Today Benjamin had exactly zero potty-related accidents so it was a good day! He's getting good at either telling me before he goes or right after he goes. He's pretty consistent with peeing in the potty but for some reason can't get the hang of pooping in the right place. Today though he told me he had to go and did it on the potty like a pro.

He's also getting better at not throwing a fit when I ask him to go potty. Instead he'll race off to one bathroom or another and will actually cooperate (most of the time). He also actually cried after he had an accident in his underwear the other day because I told him I was going to put a diaper back on him. "Un-wear!" he begged. "Un-wear!" So I caved and put a clean pair of underwear on him.

I'm looking forward to giving up diapers. I last washed diapers on Monday and I only have two dirty diapers in the pail...and it's Wednesday. Hallelujah! He's finally getting it!

Weaning and potty training aren't the only big-boy things Benjamin's up to. He's also scheming to shed his booster seat. One of his greatest desires is to sit on the bench with his sisters and he will pitch a fit if he has to sit in his booster seat at the head of the table. It's rather frustrating because he dances up and down the bench the entire meal.

This evening we had quesadillas for dinner and he grabbed the jar of salsa as we were cleaning up and said, "Salsa! Salsa!" Who knew he even knew that word? I realize that I basically survive on the stuff, but I didn't know he was such a fan of it.

Some of his most-used words are:


Other words (besides salsa and underwear) are:


I'm sure there are others (and zoom should probably be on the list of most-used words) that I'm not thinking of and I'm sure some of these words are pronounced in ways that only those closest to Benjamin can understand, but I'm pretty happy with this list. He's got well over fifty words under his belt and is stringing words together in simple sentences.

"Me see!"

"Want down!"

"More milk!"

"Want go!"

I don't think he's gone beyond two-word sentences but that's okay for now. He's making progress.

I don't know how tall he is but when he stands on our bathroom scale he weighs in at around 21 lbs.

I'm not sure our scale is accurate so I guess it's about time to schedule his well-child visit (because I think well-baby visits are a thing of the past for this growing boy)!

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