Friday, April 18, 2014

Goodbye to Grandma

We sent Grandma home today—after spending the day with her first, of course. We were pretty boring. We went grocery shopping and then Grandma took the girls on a lunch date to McDonald's. When they came home it was time to say goodbye.

Benjamin gave Grandma the sweetest hug and kiss.

We took one final group picture (sans the photographer—me):

I don't know if you see the same thing I'm seeing. Let me enhance that image...

I have a pretty good guess of what Benjamin's going to look like in 25 years. Do these two look alike or what? Look at their eyes. Their noses. Their smile. Whoa.

The girls each got a new My Little Pony in their Happy Meals which rekindled an interest in their old ponies so after Benjamin finished wheeling Grandma's suitcase all around the house, they rode to the airport to drop Grandma off and happily played together the whole ride. 

Benjamin stayed home to take a nap. In his own bed. For the first time in sixteen days. (With the doll Grandma found for him at IKEA—it looks just like him, which perhaps means it looks just like Andrew, too).

All the sleep training we did with that boy has been thrown out the window and he now thinks he has every right to sleep in our bed again. He fell asleep there most nights the past couple of weeks and then I'd move him to his mattress on the floor and then he'd climb back in bed with us whenever he pleased. He was one happy sleeper!

Bedtime was a little rough tonight, but I'm sure it will get better again soon. And it was so worth it to have Grandma visit for so long.

Eventually I'll finish writing about this week...eventually.


  1. I'd love to see pictures of Andrew when he was about Benjamin's age. I've seen a couple baby pictures of you on this blog. In one of them I totally saw Miriam.

    Glad you had a good visit with Grandma. Those are some wonderful family pictures!

  2. I actually showed j that picture on Facebook and pointed out the mini me!