Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tadpoles: Day 39

One of Miriam's frequently asked questions these days is "Can I hold the frogs?" Unfortunately we usually have to put that off until Benjamin is napping or otherwise distracted because he just can't handle the frogs (more like he can't handle the container of water—it's just asking to be splashed in).

She's become a pro at catching the itty-bitty things:

They're less prone to jumping immediately back into the water and more prone to spending a few minute exploring fingertips.

Their tails are rapidly shrinking. They're noticeably smaller—even since yesterday.

We left them outside overnight for the first time and they seemed to survive alright (I suppose outside is their natural environment so that makes sense). When we checked on them in the morning all three froglets were cuddled together in a little crevice between the rock and the stick in their tank.

Nubby little arms are emerging from other tadpole torsos; we'll soon have more than just three little froglets to play with.

This guy walked right up my thumb. They're so light you can hardly feel them on you—just the slightest tickle of a thing.

We wanted to measure how long their tails are now.

This little frog decided to give us some help:

The answer to our question is clearly 60 mm. Thanks for helping out, little frog.

Playing with the frogs makes Miriam deliriously happy.

She was so proud when she managed to get two frogs in her hand at once.

The froglets look hilarious when they swim now. They paddle with their tail, which makes their hips swing from side to side, but they also kick with their legs. The skid across the water like a water strider—it looks very awkward but I'm sure they'll become more graceful swimmers eventually.

Here's a comparison shot of how short the froglets' tails are next to the still-tadpole tadpoles, though it isn't a very good one since the tadpole is vertical and the froglet is horizontal.

Here's another angle that perhaps makes it a little more obvious:

Here's Miriam going in for the kiss (just kidding—no kissing frogs, guys):

She wanted me to take some pictures of the frog's tummy:

Sorry if you're getting sick of frog pictures. Miriam is not (and neither am I).

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  1. I enjoy the tadpole series. Thanks for sharing them with your faithful readers! :)