Monday, April 21, 2014

We're so funny

In synthesizing several potential posts for the sake of "catching up" I realize I neglected to tell several funny stories. So here they are, in no particular order...

Story #1

Last week I decided to mow the front lawn. With the warmer weather things have been perking up around here and parts of our lawn were virulently reclaiming their verdure. Benjamin was nearly getting lost out there! Knowing that Andrew probably wouldn't get around to it until after he was finished with his last paper and final of the semester I decided to attack it myself. I got out the reel mower. I greased the squeaky parts. I hacked at the lawn until it was more or less mowed.

Of course, our mower won't cut everything that grows with our lawn—it won't cut the tall stalks of grass going to seed (though, honestly, we probably want our grass to go to seed so we have half a chance of growing slightly more grass than weeds) and it won't cut through the onion patches (it just flattens them for a few days)—so when I was finished the lawn looked perhaps more disheveled than when I began (though notably shorter).

Exhausted, I put the mower away.

A while later, Andrew zipped up in his scooter. He hopped off and greeted me with this charming sentiment: "I think I'll mow the lawn today. It looks awful!"

He's since found an actual lawn mower for sale on Craigslist. He'll be picking it up today. I expect things to be a lot more manicured around here from now on.

Story #2

When we went to Cracker Barrel we didn't order anything from Benjamin since he's still mostly content to sample what everyone else is having. I was in the mood to sample as well, which is why I ordered the Cracker Barrel sampler—it came with meatloaf and chicken'n'dumplings and a slice of ham. I was like, "Whoa! I have three animals on my plate." I don't really like meat so this was a surprising turn of events.

As soon as my plate was placed in front of me, Benjamin reached over, grabbed my slice of ham, and put it on the little plate in front of him without my even noticing! It was quite funny to look over and see a gigantic slice of ham dwarfing his tiny plate. He ended up really enjoying that ham (though I didn't let him eat the whole thing) and he also enjoyed the ham Andrew cooked for our Easter feast last night. He couldn't get enough of it!

Story #3

On Saturday afternoon Auntie Sarah texted Andrew (when we were in the middle of dying our Easter eggs) to ask if we could skype. We were surprised when Baby Gavin answered the call instead of Aunt Sarah! Turns out Auntie Emily was over at Sarah's house as well. Together Sarah and Emily were planning on making some treats to take to Grandpa Frank's house for Easter dinner/Gavin's baby blessing.

"Too bad Mom's not coming," they said. "I don't know if we can do this on our own! Remember the last time we tried to make treats together?"

In 2009 Karen was in Egypt with us, helping out after Miriam was born. Reid and Jacob came out for Christmas that year, as well. Emily and Sarah had decided they were going to make some of Karen's traditional Christmas treats. They wanted to dip some chocolates and the result was a disastrous mess of chunky chocolate goo, not appetizing at all.

"Oh, you're both grown, married women now," I said (both Sarah and Emily got married in 2010—one in July, the other in December). "Surely your baking skills have improved. You can do this!"

Both girls looked at me with puppy dog eyes and pouty lips. Solemnly and simultaneously they shook their heads no. It was hilarious.

Story #4

We were skyping with my parents yesterday. The kids were showing off what they'd received in their Easter baskets. Benjamin got a big red firetruck (from the dollar spot at Target—I love that section for stuff like this) which he, of course, calls a bus (since it's not a car). He held it up for my parents to see.

"Ooh!" they crooned. "You got a new car?"

Benjamin scrunched up his eyebrows in consternation. "Bus," he corrected them angrily.

"I think," Bumpa said, "That's it's actually a firetruck."

"Bus," Benjamin said again firmly. "Bus."

Apparently those are all the stories I have for now. I thought I had more. Perhaps we're just not as funny as I thought...

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  1. I love visualizing Benjamin's plate with all that ham! And the first story - hilarious!