Sunday, September 20, 2015

Knock, knock

"Knock, knock," Benjamin said.

"Who's there?" my dad asked.

"Boat!" Benjamin said.

"Boat who?" my dad asked.

"Boat! Can you come out to play?" Benjamin squealed with laughter.

The poor child cannot tell a joke.

Rachel had to clarify that he meant to say 'canoe,' which is, of course, a type of boat. Canoe come out to play?

"Knock, knock," said Benjamin.

"Who's there?" answered my dad.

"Salad!" Benjamin giggled.

"Salad who?"

"Salad! Um, can we come in?"

Again Rachel had to clarify that Benjamin meant to say 'lettuce," as in "Lettuce in! Lettuce in!"

This naturally set off an unstoppable slew of increasingly ridiculous knock-knock jokes. Benjamin ran out of actual jokes quite quickly (though he did manage to get the boo-hoo and whoo-whoo jokes in there) and started making up his own.


"Couch who?"

"Couch, please open your mouth so I can look inside!"

Soon his jokes devolved into simply answering "Who's there?" with anything and then dissolving into giggles.

"Knock, knock," he'd say.

"Who's there?" my parents would say.

"Baby Zo! Bahahahaa! Knock, knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Mine eye! Hahahaha!"

It took several minutes for us to convince Benjamin (and his older sisters, if we're being honest, because there was a lot of joke telling going on) to end their knock-knock jokes so that we could have a decent conversation. It's always nice to Skype with my parents, even if the kids are being silly the whole time.

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