Thursday, September 10, 2015

What are you eating up dog?

Sorry so truncated. I just thought I'd throw this down before scriptures and prayer. We were all dying with laughter during dinner. Also, sometimes we have meaningful conversations, too. Just not tonight.

Andrew: Does it smell like 'up-dog' in here?
Rachel: Ummmm...under where?
Andrew: No. I said, 'Does it smell like 'up-dog' in here?'
Me: Here, do it to me.
Andrew: Does it smell like 'up-dog' in here?
Me: What's 'up-dog?' See how that's the logical question. Under where. Pffft.
Andrew: Okay. Does it smell like 'up-dog' in here?
Rachel: What's up dog?
Andrew: Hahaha. Got you.
Me: No! You're supposed to say, "Nothing. What's up with you?" Come on, Dwight!
Andrew: Oh, no! Hahaha! I can't believe I did that, but you know what? The first time I heard the underwear joke was in the Barenaked Ladies song.
Rachel (scandalized): The WHAT?!
Me: The Barenaked Ladies. They're a great group.
Rachel: Bare. Naked. Ladies?
Me: They're Canadian.
Rachel: Well, of course they are.
Me (singing): We could hide out under there.
Andrew (giggling): Under where?
Me (singing): I just made you say underwear.
Rachel: You really haven't heard that before? It's been going around the school for ages.
Andrew: Yeah, I've heard it before...just not before that song.
Me: How did you get through childhood without ever hearing that? That was my life.
Andrew: I'm the oldest child.
Me: How did you not pick up on it so you could tease your siblings?
Andrew: Because I'm nice?
Me: My brothers and sisters would tease me with that joke all the time! Hey, Miriam...
Miriam: *looks up*
Me: What are you eating under there?
Miriam (confused): Under where.
Andrew (laughing (until crying)): Bahahahaa! That's even better! Eating your underwear!
Miriam: Hey, Dad! What's up dog?
Everyone: *laughs*
Miriam: No! I mean... Dad—what are you eating over there.
A: Over where?
Miriam: No! I mean... Hey, Mom! What are you eating?
Me: A quesadilla.
Miriam: No! I mean... Why can't I say it?!

But seriously how had he never heard the "eating your underwear" joke until this evening at dinner. HOW?!

And later during scriptures...

Me: Benjamin, what are you eating under there?
Benjamin: I'm eating mine unda-wears!


  1. I sure needed this today. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I've never heard this joke before... and i'm nearly 40... And I have 4 younger brothers. Hmmmm. I think something is seriously lacking from my life.