Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Story time

Andrew snapped a few pictures of Zoë's story time last night. We've had a graduated routine of sorts ever since we've had more than one child to cater to. We start with what's interesting to the littlest one first and then work our way up. This means that we start with a board book or two, and then read a few full-length picture books, and then a chapter from a novel...if we have time. Finally, the kids are put to bed for their individual reading time.

Sometimes the biggest kids skip story time altogether in favour of longer individual reading time. *sniff, sniff*

Anyway, here's what our story time looked like yesterday. Zoë and I both get full marks for lifting our torsos during tummy time (go us!) and, I might add, Miriam gets full marks for doing my hair for me (she figured out how to braid a few days ago and has been dying to try out her new skill on a human head so I let her have a go and she did great)!

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