Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love one another and octopuses, too!

Miriam gave our family night lesson on Monday. Her topic was "love one another." She shared a few scriptures with us (John 14:15 and John 13:34), as well as a few quotes (one of which might have been "love is an open door," which we learn from Anna and Hans (even though Hans turns out to not understand love very well at all)). And then she broke out a puzzle that she'd prepared:

She drew a heart, wrote LOVE on it, and then chopped it up into a billion little pieces! At first she instructed us to take a turn, by age, choosing a piece and putting it together, but we couldn't even find two pieces that went together.

Eventually we flipped all the pieces over and pieced them together using the words on the back of the paper (she'd drawn her heart on scrap paper, thank goodness). It took Andrew and me about a half hour to get it put together again (and even then there were a few missing pieces).

When we had the puzzle together she had us sing "Jesus Says Love Everyone" and then it was off to bed (because we spent so long doing the puzzle there wasn't time for much of anything else).

She spent the last few waking hours of fall intercession writing a book about octopuses for Benjamin. Most of the innards were completely plagiarized (unless she's spontaneously coming up with sentences like "the environment and lifestyle of cephalopods means that they need to be capable of completely flexible behaviour" and using phrases like "studies show that" and words like "invertebrates"), but the back of her book was 100% Miriam.

She wrote her own synopsis and it's golden:

It's not her best handwriting by this point (like many (or is it just me?) Miriam's tidy handwriting gets sloppier and sloppier with every sentence she writes) so I will transcribe it here:

"As children enjoy this under the sea book about octopuses they notice that octopuses are cooler than they think and that's why I wrote this book!"

Keep on writing, little one!

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