Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Math-querade Night: adding and subtracting teeth

This evening the girls and I went to the school's Math-querade party.  Benjamin stayed home with Daddy, which he wasn't very happy about, but he threw up again this morning so he wasn't fit to go out in public. That was the only time he threw up, though, so he must be getting over this bug!

I spent most of the evening helping Miriam with math activities in the K-2 room while Rachel played math games with her friends in the 3-5 room. They were both excited to give their costumes a test run.

Rachel is the (eleventh) Doctor, Miriam is Snow White, and Zoë is a Cabbage Patch Doll.

When we got home there was a lot of excitement about teeth. The girls were sent to put their pyjamas on and brush their teeth and while Miriam was brushing her teeth she started screaming.

"Ahhh! Ahh! Ahhh!" she screamed.

"What? What? What?" I responded.

"I brushed out my tooth! I brushed out my tooth!"

It popped right out while she was brushing and flew into the sink. Fortunately, she was able to retrieve it, so all is well.

Rachel also had a tooth that was hanging on by a thread so she determined that she'd pull hers out as well and after a bit of stomping and yelling and pouting (a whole lot of extraneous emotion for someone who professed to want to do something) she managed to yank it out.

It's two-for-one night at our house!

Here are the girls showing off their freshly shed teeth:

And here's a picture of Zoë with Miriam because they are exact opposites, tooth-wise:

Miriam's missing her two bottom teeth and that's all Zoë's got! Zoë's second tooth is just making its way through. So with two teeth, Zoë's now pretty good competition for Rachel, who has, like, five teeth left in her mouth. The only child with a full set of teeth to brag about is Benjamin, who put himself to bed long before anyone else made it there (I guess this stomach bug did do him in, after all).

When I went into his room (which will eventually be his and Zoë's room) to get pyjamas for Zoë I found him curled around his headboard, fast asleep:

Whatever floats your boat, buddy!

I sure hope he's finished with this sickness! He was so disappointed about missing tonight's party, but if his fever stays away and he doesn't throw up again he should be able to go to the Trunk-or-Treat tomorrow night. As an added bonus I could retire from the whole cleaning vomit off the floor business (at least for a while).

Here's hoping he's healthy...


  1. The one true my not so humble opinion. The funny thing is when he first came I really didn't like Matt Smith and now I'm just like, "What are we going to do without you." Ahhh....did people recognize her costume? I don't feel like my friends have to be doctor who fans for us to be friends but if people I'm not friends with are doctor who fans, well then I might just give them a second look :)

    1. She's got several friends who are Doctor Who fans, so I know that they at least recognized her. He's probably my favourite doctor, too, though I tend to say that about each subsequent doctor. #12 is growing on me, too...