Monday, October 05, 2015

Sometimes boys dig holes...

This afternoon there was a soft knock on the door and I said to Zoë, "I'll bet that's one of the big kids. It sounds like the littlest of the big kids because your sisters would have opened the door themselves. What do you think? Do you think it's Benjamin?"

Zoë didn't tell me what she was thinking.

I opened the door and said, "It is Benjamin!"

"I want to come in," he said.

"I'll just bet you do," I said, thinking back to the talk Elder Haynie gave yesterday afternoon.

I didn't hose him off like Elder Haynie's grandmother did. Instead I peeled off his dirty clothes and left them on the front porch. Then I carried him to the bathtub.

I know of people who only do laundry once a week and I honestly think that's amazing. Don't they create emergency laundry? My family generates a lot of emergency laundry. We wet the bed and play in the rain and splash in mud puddles and wear cloth diapers and spit up and drop dinner in our laps and...I really don't see how it is even possible to save all that laundry for one day!

I rinsed Benjamin's clothes out in the bathtub after he got out and threw them in the washing machine with the clothes we wore this weekend and, after the girls were inside and in their pyjamas, the clothes we wore today (muddy from hiking and...whatever it is was that was going on outside (the girls weren't nearly as messy)). That about filled the machine up, so even though I just did laundry on Saturday I was able to wash a full load today. Need I remind you it's only Monday? And I'll probably be due for another load of diapers tomorrow...

Oh, well. I don't mind doing laundry every day, not really, but I do wonder how people—people with families full of small children—manage to keep all their laundry for one day. Like, where do they put the heavily soiled items until washing day? And don't they treat for stains immediately? And if they do...why not just wash them? Because otherwise where do you put them?!

These people must have laundry rooms.

I can see how that would be possible with a room devoted to laundry...maybe. 

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