Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Day

Benjamin threw up on Tuesday morning. He had requested eggs for breakfast (after I gave him applesauce to "test" his stomach) and I decided to indulge him—by actually cooking breakfast—since he hadn't eaten much on Monday and also hadn't thrown up in a while. This was a mistake. He threw up after he ate half his eggs. He just turned away from his plate, threw up all over the bench and the floor...and then turned back to his plate.

"No! Benjamin!" I said. "You can't eat more! Your tummy needs a rest! Let's wash you off and get you a little drink."

"I want to finish my brekky!" he protested.

"You are still sick," I said.

"I'm not!"

"Well, you're finished eating."

"But my tummy's not full."

"I can actually see that. See all this stuff on the floor? That's from inside your stomach. And I have to clean it up. And I don't want to have to clean it up twice so you're finished eating. You need to have a lie-down. You can have a little drink, but that's all."

This sickness has been the weirdest. He's insisted the whole time that he feels fine. And it has been driving me crazy. Most people slow down a bit when they're feverish and vomiting...but not him.

He also threw up during story time on Monday night. I finished a book, he hopped off my lap, threw up in the bowl that was on the floor, and then jumped back up on my lap.

"Anuzzy story!" he chirped.

It all happened so quick it took me a minute to figure out what had happened.

Anyway, he didn't throw up for the rest of the day on Tuesday so on Wednesday morning he insisted he was all better. He wanted to go to school with Miriam for Pumpkin Day. There's a 24-hour "rule" at their school—once a child has been clear of vomiting and fever for 24-hours they're welcome to return to school. We were about at 22 hours by 9 AM, so I decided that was close enough. We went to school.

Miriam was thrilled because she had prayed for Benjamin to be better for Pumpkin Day and he was (she also told him he could thank her for that later (we'll teach her about "thine be the glory" later, I guess)).

Pumpkin day was a lot of fun!

Miriam's class combined with another class so there were approximately 40 children in that one classroom, plus parents and teachers. It was complete and utter chaos, but the kids had so much fun painting their pumpkins.

Miriam initially went for a very traditional look, while Benjamin embraced a more Pollock-style technique.

Miriam really likes to paint though so she kept on painting and painting and painting (we'll teach her to "leave well-enough alone" later, I guess).

After we finished painting we the kids had free time with blocks and such, and then we got the classroom cleaned up before going to lunch.

Benjamin was super thrilled to stay at school for lunch, though Miriam eats so early in the day that I really only packed a snack.

We stayed for "Daily Five," which is always fun. The kids like to read to Benjamin and Zoë and Benjamin and Zoë like to be read to, so it works out well. Benjamin didn't want to go home when it was time and Miriam's teacher joked that I could just leave Benjamin there for the rest of the day (which really didn't help us get out the door), but in the end I dragged him out of the school and we went home.

We had a fine afternoon.

When the girls got home from school we got ready to go to the ward Fall Festival. More than sixty children showed up with their families (I know because we had sixty "passports" to hand out and they went like wildfire). I'll write more about the fall festival later. For now, all you need to know is that when we got home Benjamin was wired.

We'd done scriptures and prayer in the car so that we could go straight to bed when we got home. The girls did okay, but Benjamin started running around in wild circles.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" he said, speeding around in a tight circle. "My tummy isn't full. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I need a snack! I need a snack! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Nope. Nope. Nope."

Then he sprinted to the toilet and threw up his entire day.

"'At's betty," he said.

And just like that I became "that mom." The one who exposed 100+ children to whatever stomach bug Benjamin is dealing with. I felt bad, but, at the same time, he hadn't thrown up for well over 24 hours at that what can you do?

(I think he's truly better now (knock on wood); he hasn't thrown up since Wednesday night).


  1. That is strange that he handles throwing up so well! :)

  2. Hmm, it almost sounds like a allergy. Crazy! Hope he really is over that. April is going to kill you if you tell her ;)

    1. Hahaha! Pretty sure she reads my blog. :) It's okay; she's little. I can take her.

      And, honestly, it's plain strange that no one else has gotten sick (knock on wood). Usually these things spread like wildfire in our house. Maybe my girls have finally figured out that washing their hands IS a good idea. :)

      I hope it's not an allergy. I can't think of anything out of the ordinary that he's eaten...

      He had, like, two pieces of candy and a slice of apple at the party, so it's not like he gorged himself sick on sweets. Meh. I guess we'll find out if it happens again.