Thursday, June 09, 2016

How does our garden grow?

One of these days I need to plan a low-maintenance garden with lots of colourful perennials that will bloom year after year for me (and that is magically weed-free). Last year I purchased a wildflower mix, but I don't think we put down enough seed because our garden was pretty sparse (not to mention completely neglected) the whole summer. So this year we used more seed, probably too much seed because our (still neglected) garden is out of control. At least we have a lot of pretty blossoms popping out!

Top row: gladiola (obviously not from the wildflower seeds), blue cornflower, some sort of daisy?
Middle row: nasturtium, vinca (not from seed), pink cornflower
Bottom row: some sort of snapdragon, Rachel with a carrot flower, and no idea

Obviously I should have kept the package so that I could have a better guess about some of the stuff that's growing, but as long as they keep being pretty I suppose I don't mind what they're called.

As for our vegetable garden... 

Well, our radishes bolted, our kale, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers are struggling, we've harvested a few pea pods, and our pepper plants are starting to get little baby peppers so I have high hopes for them. We're still enjoying a daily strawberry or two.

Mostly grass has taken over our garden bed and I just can't keep on top of it so its strangling everything. 

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