Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Asphalt Spill of '85

Eventually I'll get my posts about the rest of my parents' visit up, but for now I'll keep alluding to our excursions before you've even heard about them. 

At Fort Macon we went through the little museum at the visitors center and I found this little poster (which I vaguely remember coming across in October) about "The Asphalt Spill of '85," which just happened to occur on June 22, 1985 while my mother was busy birthing me.

I had Andrew take a picture of me because...I was so close to my birthday and there my birth date was, emblazoned on this sign detailing the extent of the death and destruction caused by the asphalt spill. Totally picture worthy, right?

Well, Rachel brought me a card this morning...

And inside was an acrostic poem that she'd written for me...

Most awesome
Oil spill on the day she was born
Most thoughtful, and the best mom ever!

The oil spill made the poem! And if that doesn't bring a smile to your face on your birthday, I'm not sure what would. I really don't.