Friday, June 10, 2016

Miriam's papers

Going through the girls' work has been fun but it's almost making me sad to think it's the end of the school year. This has been a fabulous year for both girls and I kind of hate to see it end!

Anyway, I need to take pictures of a few of these little essays before they get tossed...but before then, "please to enjoy" these transcriptions of Miriam's work (side rant: we send in notebooks that come home empty at the end of the year...and then they send me a jumbled mess of random paper my kids have written on...just use the notebooks, folks!).


Always on Christmas Eve my sister allways creeps out of our room to go to the bathroom. And when she is done she goes out of the curtin that we hang up. And it's long so no one can see santa as he is puting the presents in our stocking's. AND SHE HELPT SATA PUT STUFF IN THE STOCKINGS! And she new what she got. But I hope that I can do this Christmas!

Mr. Tree

Mr. Tree lived inside a tall red wood tree. he was an aprcot tree. what did he eat? well he was an aporcot tree so he only ate popcorn! his naibor was juliann! She ad Brinkley could get popcorn whenever they watned! Brinkley lived on straberry cornor. She lived in a cake. Langston lived in a gigantic straberry. Parker lived in a sap tree cabin! Jennifer lived in a gingerbread man! Huh. Said mr. tree what's that? Hi said mr. tall. hi said mr. small. Ohh! Said mr. tree. Hi mr. tall and small! Do you want to be frierds! Sere! OK said Mr. tall and small. And then they met Elieen. Hi Elinn. Hi mr. tree. Parker was walking ackros the street to mr. trees House to get popcorn. You prodaly know why? Becus he was haveing a movie night! The end!


My name is Miriam. My faivorete food is cake and banasplit's. And pizzia. My faivorete toy is my bunny pinky.


Yesterday Benjamin threw up eight times. When me and Rachel came home he was sleeping on the couch. After dinner he threw up 2 times can you guss how many times benjamin threw up all together? He actchaly threw up 9 times. Onets in the toylit and toytabele. And 7 times in a bowl.


When we were on brake I went sleding on Beech Moutnin. We stayd there for 2 days! And 2 nights! I wipet out 6 times. I swicht sides on my sled with my frind calld fay. Her real name is Faylin.


Wensday night when my mom was out someware I helpt my brother Benjamin get dresst in his pajamas and brush his teeth.

4-4-16 Breake

I went to the Outer Banks. I beacame a jounier ranger at Cape Hattaras natinal seashore. I went on a fairy. It was so big that it could fit forty cars! The route for it went to Oakroke lighthouse. I also went to Bodie Island Lighthouse. And Cape Hattaras. We stayed at Seaclusin Beach house for a week. It took 4-to-5 hours to get there. It had to be moved because it was this much ________ to falling into the sea.

Oakrcoke Lighthouse: the pattarns

Oakrcoke lighthouse light pattarn is not a pattarn, is not egzaktley a pattarn. Answer: Beacuse it stays on all the night and never goes of until morning. The pattarn on the lighthouse in the day but Oakrcoke doesn't have a pattarn.


Today is our program "How dose you'r gardan grow." Mr. A. is being Herb. I'm being a carrot. Eileen is a flower. Brinkley is a butterfly! Ramona is a bunny. She is going to eat me. I cannot wait. I so exsited! REALY EXSITED!!!

Atlantic Beach

I went to the atlantic beach for my brake. I went to a fort that they used in wrold wor two. It was calld fort mocon! I went to an acwareum. I saw a sunkun ship it was sunk by grmens!


I'm going to be snow white for Halloween!!! My litle brother is tomos the trian. Rachel is the doctor from doctor who. My mom is miss frizle. Last but leste Zoë. She's a cabeg pach doll!


On halloeen I was snow white. Their were pepole giving out free candy! I avoided them. Ben wanted free candy. So he held out his bag! Their was a sientse exspirient and two sientest's were handing out candy. The expirient was dry ice.


There are five more day's until my birthday! my birthday is on the twenty fith of octobar!If you were born on the twenty fith there were only six days until halloen. I'm snow white for halloen. My brother want's to be evrything. My sister is the docter as a girl. Zoë my baby is going to be a black cat. Jennifer is an angael.


Panda babys are only two to three inchis when they are two years old the mother panda has another baby. When that baby is one year old it chews on bamboo with it's wrist bone. The color of pandas are black and white. Their are many diffint kinds of pandas. Pandas are consitord in danger!

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  1. I think I only kept three of Peaches writing samples and maybe three art projects. Being the third kid is rough....;)