Saturday, June 11, 2016


I debated putting writing about this because it's sort of gross. Gross as in "WARNING: the following blog post contains discussion and images of human excrement; viewer discretion is advised" gross.

Zoë frequently plays at my feet while I shower. She's such a momma's girl that if I didn't shower with her I probably would never shower. Well, the other day I was washing my hair and she was holding onto my legs, walking in circles around me, when all of a sudden she stopped and I felt a plop, plop, plop on my foot.

On my foot!

She had the whole shower at her disposal and she chose to poop on my foot!

Picture below, so prepare yourself...or just spare yourself and don't click.

I hollered for Benjamin and asked him to bring me my phone because I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to show Andrew (who wasn't at home). I couldn't stop laughing.

I've been a mom for nine years now and not once has a child ever pooped on my foot before!

In case you're wondering how I dealt with this, I ever so carefully hopped over to the toilet and shook the poop off my foot, then balanced on one foot while I got the chunks out of the shower.

Here's hoping my first time being pooped on like this is also my last time!

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