Friday, June 10, 2016

Swimming and ear updates

May 28th: I take Benjamin to the pool and he screams and cries and carries on, refuses to do a single thing.

June 9th: I take Benjamin to the pool and he jumps in and swims to the side to do it all over again and again and again.

I don't know happened within the last week and a half to turn him into a swimmer. It surely wasn't all the time we spent at the pool because, truthfully, we haven't gone swimming very much yet this season due to Miriam's ear infection. Whatever it was, I'm glad for it (though now I have to keep a very close eye on him because he's not afraid of the water at all, while the Benjamin + H20 combination still makes me a little nervous).

Miriam's ear is finally feeling better. I can see that it's still infected, but she hasn't cried about it in days now. Her teacher sent me a text message on Friday afternoon to say that she was crying and holding her ear during story time, a text message I didn't get until Saturday morning when I picked up my phone to call the nurse's hotline because she was in a bad way, with a fever and a lot of pain again, and there was so much gunk in her ear that I was worried something had gotten stuck in there.

Our paediatrician has a walk-in clinic on Saturday morning, which I think is a great service (because kids always get sick on the weekend) and had no idea it existed, so Andrew took her to the clinic and the doctor decided that her ear drops weren't really helping matters. He prescribed a different one with a steroid mixed in.

It's seemed to do the trick because she's finally seeming to be on the mend, though her ear is still really gunky. I hope it clears up soon. She's had this infection for weeks now.

We started her new drops on Monday night and today when I tugged on her ear to help the drops get to where they need to be she didn't fuss that I was pulling her ear—a big deal for her!

We didn't get the drops until Monday because the pharmacy didn't have them in stock and had to order them. They left a message on my phone (thanks, guys) explaining as much and seemed surprised when I called back and was like, "That's cool. When do you expect them in?"

CVS, CVS, CVS. The reason I was so upset with the other prescription was because you completely didn't do your job. 1) You didn't leave me a message; I had to look up your phone number online to even know it was you who called me. 2) You didn't try attempt to get pre-approval with my insurance during business hours, knowing that we had a long weekend coming up. 3) You suggested that I could pay for the medicine out of pocket without even checking to see if you had it in stock. 4) You didn't have it in stock. And no other pharmacies had the medicine in stock because... 5) Surprise! That particular medicine had been discontinued. It didn't exist anywhere. 6) Instead of figuring this all out in the afternoon and approaching either my doctor's office or myself about it, you made me ask all the questions to figure this out and then left me with the task of trying to either contact my doctor on a long weekend to get an alternate prescription called in (which he did—huzzah!) or go to the ER to get a new prescription (super no thanks).

See? Those were all the kinds of things that I figured might be part of your job.

When you got my prescription in and checked to see if you had it and then called me to inform me that you didn't but that you could put an order in for it? Well...I'm not an unreasonable person. I have never said I would never be satisfied. If you have to order something you have to order something. Just don't make me check your inventory for you because that's not my job. End of rant.

Swimming tonight was great. I took the kids to the pool (and Miriam brought some books to read on the deck). Andrew said he'd bring dinner to the pool so we could celebrate the end of the school year (a day early but tomorrow's an early-release day so like that even counts as a day). By the time he showed up all the kids were ready to throw in the towel...except that they weren't because they were all sitting up in their towels, shivering and snivelling.

Miriam was cold from wading in the water and was bummed out that she couldn't actually swim. Benjamin was also cold and didn't want to swim any more. Rachel had misjudged where the bottom of the pool was and scraped the side of her face on it when she was retrieving a sinking toy. Zoë was also cold because I had to bring her out of the pool to attend to all the crying children.

Andrew had already taken the van to go get pizza so we couldn't even just call it a night and head home (not without forcing three already-crying children to walk home wet and cold while carrying all our hud...and a baby).

"Well, hello, everybody," he said when he finally arrived with dinner.

Everyone was much happier with a little pizza in their bellies and the kids were super excited to swim with Daddy! He threw Rachel into the pool (her favourite), gave Miriam a ride on his back (without getting her head wet), Benjamin got to show off all his new tricks, and even Zoë wanted a turn to swim with "Dada!"

So it ended up being a fine evening after all. 

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  1. Ever since Miriam's ear infection started, my right ear has been bothering me! I hope you can't catch anything over video chatting!