Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Timeout for mommy

Once upon a time Zoë stayed up until three o'clock in the morning and then woke up for the day at 8:30. And then didn't take a nap until 5:30 (and not for lack of trying)! I'm not convinced she would have even settled down for a nap except that I eventually put myself in timeout, behind my closed bedroom door and she was so relieved that I came back out that she nursed to sleep (finally). 

Anyway, while I was doing some deep breathing in my room the girls went to their rooms to read (smart kids) while Benjamin entertained himself with the camera.

He took a dozen (or so) selfies:

He also took several pictures of Zoë, who chose to sit directly outside my bedroom door to complain about her hardships. He said he was "docky-menting sings" (documenting things) when Miriam caught him with the camera and tried to take it away.

Zoë has fallen absolutely in love with sippy cups. Whenever she's sad, a cup of water will do wonders to cheer her up. It's Rachel's go-to trick when she's in charge of watching her for a few minutes.

She also loves to dig through the dishes to find cups and lids, even if they don't go with each other (as is the case with the items she has in the above pictures) and will carry them around, occasionally fitting the lid to the cup and sucking on it hopefully.

It wasn't a terrible day—in fact, between swimming lessons in the morning and having friends over in the afternoon there was hardly time to slow down to wonder if it had been a terrible day or not—I just was so tired...tired of being awake and tired of trying to put my baby to sleep. I spend hours each day coaxing this girl to sleep. I wish she enjoyed sleeping but the simple truth is that she does not.

I guess that's

Oh, I am also now the proud owner of several pictures of random nooks and crannies in my house.


  1. I'm so glad Benjamin documented things while you were in time out. :) If you never coaxed Zoë to sleep, I wonder how often she'd sleep due to tiredness. I have never heard of children needing so little sleep. I get tired just reading your posts sometime. (and I don't mean that in a mean way because I love your posts...just, whew! I wish you could rest more.) :)

  2. Susanne, this is such a family thing, the non-sleeping, that it is a miracle that Nancy has children who DO sleep! And I, too was glad that B was docky menting sings and not walloping any of his sisters. So that was good!