Thursday, June 09, 2016

Zoë at the park

Here are a few pictures of Zoë playing at the park this afternoon...

I just love that middle picture of her so much! You can almost hear her snorting with laughter as she toddles along, can't you? She thinks walking is hilarious, probably because even though she's been taking steps for a couple of months now she still gets a rise out of someone every time she stands up.

"Look! Look at the baby! Look what she's doing! Wow! Go Zoë!"

She has had her own little squad of cheerleaders following her around her entire life and she's completely willing to ham it up for them (and more specifically for Benjamin).

And here she is sending herself down the slide...

She still thinks slides are a little bit scary, but she puts on her brave face and goes down anyway because they're also a little bit fun.

She was up for eighteen hours straight yesterday (8 am to 2 am), but this afternoon she went down for a nap. Maybe if we take her swimming when the girls get home from school she'll go to bed at a decent hour (but even that's no guarantee).

We sure love this energetic little baby!

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