Friday, September 08, 2017

32 w 3 days

Today my doctor told me I only have three more injections to go (he typically stops administering them at 35 weeks), which means I should get my last shot on September 29. So if these extra hormones keep doing their job we should definitely have an October baby (and although an October baby wasn't exactly in our plans for this year, an October baby suddenly became the goal for this year and we've almost made it—yay).

With Zoë I got my last shot at 36 weeks and 2 days (May 7). She was born 16 days later (May 23).

It takes about a week for the shot to be fully absorbed (or whatever) into the body (that's why it's in such a thick oil) so the effects of my last shot with Zoë wore off around May 14 and Zoë was born around a week after that. So I'm going to guess that we're not quite going to make it to Halloween with this baby. My guess is he'll make an appearance around the middle of October, missing out on the busy week of birthdays for the Heiss cousins (Carter and Kayl on the 28th, and Miriam on the 25th) and crowding out my older sisters' birthday week (Irish twins: October 10th and October 14th).

So all of a sudden it feels like we're almost to the finish line (but I reserve the right to complain in the not-too-distant future about how terribly pregnant I feel and how this pregnancy has seemed to last forever).

Also, I thought I'd randomly note that I can eat red potatoes!

That might not sound very exciting to you, but it's kind of exciting for me. I don't even know why I can eat them and not have them affect my blood sugar (like, at all, guys). Mentally it just doesn't check out for me because potatoes are starchy and french fries are death and russet potatoes certainly aren't on my GD menu. But we made mashed potatoes out of baby red potatoes last week and I have been eating leftovers all week long (I didn't have any the night that we originally had them because I was too scared to try them) and I might just live off them until the baby comes because I can.

Who knew?

Apparently red potatoes have a lower glycemic load than russet, especially if you leave the skin on (which we did). Interestingly, leftover potatoes seem to have a lower glycemic index in general, compared to freshly cooked potatoes. For example, a boiled red potato consumed cold (or reheated, I guess) has a glycemic index of 56, while a fresh boiled red potato has a glycemic index of 89.

I don't know what magic is going on behind the scenes (because that sounds really weird) but leftover potatoes don't hurt my feelings (or blood sugar levels) so I guess I'll keep eating them.


  1. That is super-interesting about the red potatoes and eating leftover potatoes. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm glad you are doing so well in your pregnancy! Won't be long!

  2. How cool is that? Red potatoes for the win!