Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Miriam v. Phoebe

 Here's a picture of Miriam wearing this sweet outfit from Egypt (at nearly six months old, while at a playdate at a friend's house):

Phoebe started wearing it in March (at 4 months):

And she's still wearing it now (at 8 months?! We're at 8 months now?! (though it is getting a little snug)):

I am not actually sure that they look all that much alike! Perhaps I need to slap a headband on Phoebe to really be sure, but I feel like their face shape is quite different.

Miriam certainly seems to have been a more somber baby (judging from the few photos I could find of her in this same outfit):

Miriam looks like she's thinking about something pretty serious. 

Phoebe's main thought seems to be "Can I eat this?" She's a little mouth-explorer, that one!

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