Friday, December 23, 2022

Sleep panic

Phoebe hated bedtime! The whole bedtime procedure!
Now, please don't ask why. We don't quite know why either!
It could be the light was a little too bright.
It could be, perhaps, it was too cold last night.
But most likely the reason she'd not be consoled
May have been that her toes were pinched by a hole
In the feet of her footie pyjamies. 
Settle in close and I'll tell you the story...

She's never been a great sleeper. Well, I take that back. There was a time in her life when I wondered whether she would ever perk up and take a look around at the world. But it's hard to remember those days at all given how much she hates sleep in recent history.

Yesterday I was nursing her before bed and my sister called, so I asked if I could have a minute to put Phoebe down before calling her back, and she said yes...because...I wasn't really asking for permission. So, I hung up, nursed Phoebe for a minute or so longer, and tried to put Phoebe into bed, but she woke up again, completely alert, wanting nothing to do with bed.

So, we returned to the nursing chair, where she nursed and nursed and goofed around and refused to close her eyes. 

So I texted Andrew:

"Do you want to try sitting with Phoebe for a minute? She where near asleep, but K is trying to call me. I tried putting her down a bit ago but she woke up immensely"

Drat! A typo! Thanks a lot, predictive text. Better fix that:


Andrew came hurdling up the stairs. He must have been taking them two or three at a time!

"I'm here!" he huffed. "I can take her. What's wrong?"

I was dying of laughter by this point because I realized my error.

"Nothing! I was just fixing a typo!"

I showed him what I had typed. He said he'd just gotten the truncated notifications, so all he saw was...

"Do you want to try sitting with Phoebe... I tried putting her down a bit ago but... IMMEDIATELY!!!"

Anyway, he sat with Phoebe while I talked with my sister. And then I took over and sat with her until she finally went to 11:45 PM. She slept for a bit, but I know Andrew was up with her again later. I went in around 2:00 AM to take over for him and he whispered something like, "Why is our baby such a monster? I just want her to sleep. This is the worst!"

And I was like, "I know, right?!!"

And then I sat down to nurse her (because sometimes she'll fall asleep for that) and heard the garage door open, then an engine start up, and then Andrew drove up the driveway and...I panicked a little. 

"Where is he even going?! It's 2:00 in the morning! He didn't even say anything!"

He's not really one to storm out of the house, even when we're having rough, rough times with the baby!

And then he just...parked the car and came back inside.

It had started raining, and with the temperatures plunging he thought it would be a good idea to have a vehicle at the top of the driveway rather than the bottom of it, just in case everything iced over.

So we each caused each other a little bit of a panic last night!

Anyway, Phoebe finally went back to bed, only to get up around 4:00. Then Andrew took her at 6:00 and managed to get her to fall asleep until 7:00 or so. And then I tried nursing her again...but she was just Andrew got up with her at 8:00...and she still was just fussy, fussy fussy. 

She kept crawling to him and crying. And when he'd stand her up, she'd quickly sit back down rather than walking. And all of that was strange behaviour because walking is quickly becoming her preferred mode of transportation. 

So then he took her jammies off and she went about her morning as happy as a lark!

Her big toes had been sticking out of little holes in her pyjama feet and I guess that was driving her a little nutty all night long. She's now been sleeping for almost two hours without a we're doing well over here tonight!

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