Friday, December 09, 2022

The Loveliest of All was the Unicorn

I recently checked out a book called The Very Short, Entirely True Book About Unicorns from the library (I also checked out The Very Short, Entirely True Book About Mermaids, but that's besides the point). Zoë, of course, devoured it. Read them over and over again like it was the bible or something.

And perhaps she wasn't too far off base...

On one page, you see, Laskow explained the unicorn was once considered a symbol of Christ

Ever since, Zoë has been referring to all the unicorns in her room as...Jesus...which...I mean...we've explained why, perhaps, she shouldn't...but at the same time, kids are going to be kids...and Zoë really likes the fact that her room is full of...unicorns. 

I mean, it can't be any more sacrilegious than the time Miriam planned "Pin the Jesus on the Cross" for family night

This evening after she was sent to bed she texted Andrew the following:

Zoë: Hey—dad? You can borrow one of my pillows when Phoebe wakes up and needs someone to go to bed with her.

Andrew: :) k

Zoë: I'm way more than ok with it! I have three pillows! Take one away, what's the difference? i just did this because you sometimes have to use my Jesus (unicorn) slippers. i wanted u to be comfortable. it's nbd

Andrew: Hahaha thanks

Andrew then realized she called her unicorn slippers Jesus slippers. He's been less aware of her unicorn/Jesus fixation because...he works in an office behind a closed door and I...don't often find myself with that sort of luxury. My ears are free game all day. So, anyway, Andrew realized that she called her big, fluffy unicorn slippers her "Jesus slippers" and suddenly he's curious.

Andrew: Why are they Jesus slippers?

Zoë: Because a unicorn represents Jesus

She follows this up with a chain of unicorn emoji and then a gif of a Bluey scene. 

Anyway, we were all dying of laughter over here reading her texts. 

It's very sweet that Zoë was offering up her pillows for Andrew's use. He often ends up climbing into Phoebe's bed to finish the night because she sometimes settles down for him easier than she does for me (because when I try to settle her down in the middle of the night it always involves milk (she's such a greedy little thing still)). 

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