Sunday, April 08, 2007

Do Mormons Dance?

Kind of a corny catch phrase for a stake activity, but it was what it was. We had a blast doing this and would gladly do it again...granted, it was rather stressful considering everything else we've had going on, but it was well worth the effort.

Tonight before we danced the finale, Sis. Madsen announced that I was pregnant. The most asked question after we finished was, "How do you keep your balance?" The answer is simple...I don't.

I feel like I didn't dance my best because I felt like I was going to fall over at any minute (good-bye stiletto heels)! I stepped on Andrew yesterday, lost my balance on another move, almost fell over on our final pose tonight and totally botched one of the easiest steps in the whole routine. Luckily we danced smoothly enough that no one noticed, and I'm really not being too hard on myself considering I am 6 months pregnant, so.... Believe me though, if I wasn't pregnant I'd be crying right now.

Now that's a change. I'm not crying because I am pregnant but would be crying if I weren't.

Here are some pictures to appease our video-deprived audience (soon, Abra, soon!). We gave our camera to some friends and asked them to take some pictures of us. What we got:

I suppose we should have clarified that more than one would have been nice. Oh, well.

Instead we posed in our dining room. I didn't put on that much makeup and turn my hair into a helmet just to wash it all out. We had to capture the moment. Enjoy.

I think my love for this dress stems from the fact that I wanted to be the Little Mermaid when I was younger. You know the ending scene when she's coming up out of the water and her father makes her this sparkly red dress? Well it just so happens that that dress comes in blue, too!

Just for the record: when I was in grade three we had pictures taken and I wore a Little Mermaid shirt, Little Mermaid shorts, Little Mermaid socks, Little Mermaid shoes, and a Little Mermaid hair thing. I might just have to dig that photo up. I went all out for it!

Now for our disco/cha cha/west coast pictures. There are no words to describe my feeling for this dress other than that it zipped up over my tummy and wasn't too skimpy. Other than that, it really isn't my favorite. Oh, and the rhinestones are a nice touch...

By the way, that flower in my hair is the one that I meant to take to the Relief Society activity on Wednesday but totally forgot about. On Thursday when we were getting ready to head to the dress rehearsal, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a flower in my hair?" and then I saw the flower I had forgotten to take...lucky me. It matched my dress perfectly.

Oh, and our Stake Presidency really liked Andrew's bright pink tie with his neon green shirt. They encouraged him to wear them together more often. It is also one of my mom's favorite shirts on Andrew. It really does bring out the light in his eyes. I'm so glad I married my dance partner!


  1. Wow Nancy...look at all that LEG :)

  2. So, I think I saw a tummy in a couple of pictures... oddly enough, they were one when you were facing the camera... the pictures of you in a side pose - the tummy disappears! Very cute poses though and yes... Where did all that leg come from????

    Oh, and Andrew, you looked pretty hot in the hotpink tie and green shirt. Good colours on you... especially the pink. Nancy get him a hotpink shirt and a lime green tie! Just kidding!

  3. Well, the leg happens to be attached to my body. It's coming out of the slit in the dress...a little racy, I know, but it's pretty good for a ballroom costume, trust me!

  4. Oh I know. I watch dancing with the stars sometimes...yes I know their dancing is horrible but it can be fun to watch and I also watch the dance competitions on PBS which are much better. Sometimes I think the sequins and glitter are just glued right onto their skin.

  5. LOL thanks for the lesson on anatomy, I was completely unaware that the hip bone was attached to the leg bone, oh wait, I learned that when I was in grade two and played that game with Mindy and Carlie when we still lived in Raymond, yet another game to add to your plethora of games.

    Oh,oh, woo-woo big word from the lifeguard sister....!