Saturday, April 07, 2007

What do you want? Colored Eggs! What color?

Mom and Josie came over today bearing 2 1/2 dozen hard boiled eggs and tax information. While Andrew and my mom poured over taxes, Josie and I busied ourselves colouring Easter eggs. I wonder who had a better time?

Today happens to be Josie's 13th birthday, and you know what? I really think she's maturing!

Josie's stunning rendition of the Easter bunny
Then again...maybe not.

You know those egg dipper things they always give you in the boxes of dye? We never use those, so I'm glad that Josie found a good use for them.

In order to dye eggs, we had to use every mug we own except for 2. And then we also used nearly every spoon we own as well (we use those instead of the egg dippers, see?). It was pretty fun, but I definitely need to do some dishes so that we can have cereal in the morning.

Josie and I worked for almost 2 hours straight. We got a lot of talking and laughing done. I decided that the "Question of the Day" will be awarded to Josie.

She held a nice white egg, on which she had drawn nice yellow polka dots with a wax crayon, up to me and posed the question: "If I put this in the yellow, do you think it will turn yellow?"

I'm not really sure how she wanted me to respond to that...

In the end we had many beautifully coloured eggs.

The one with the swirls of color on it is Josie's favorite.
I prefer Humpty Dumpty
After we were done colouring the eggs, I poked my baby until she started kicking so that Josie could feel her moving. She gave us a few weak kicks and then, most probably, turned over and fell back asleep. She prefers to do her big movements late at night, that's for sure.

Next year she'll get to help...or at least watch everyone else...dye eggs.


An explanation of the title:

During spring time, we would play a game called "Coloured Eggs." It's kind of like a suped-up version of "Duck, Duck, Goose."

There is a wolf, who is "it," whatever it is, exactly. The rest of the players are the piglets or bunnies...or whatever it is you want to pretend to be.

The wolf plugs his ears, goes around the corner of the house and has to hum very loudly so that everyone else knows that he is not cheating. Everyone else quickly chooses a colour for their "egg." They have to tell everyone else what colour they chose so that we all know that they don't cheat. Not that I was ever concerned about cheating as a child. But, let's be honest, it's really not fair to cheat.

After everyone has chosen their colour (yes, more than one person can choose the same colour), someone goes to fetch the wolf back.

If you were smart, you would have thought of the course to run before you play the game. If not, you will decide on the course now. We usually had to run from the honey suckle bush in the front yard, around the swing set in the backyard, and then back to the honey suckle. If we were really hyper we would make it so you had to run around the house.

With the course decided, the wolf then proceeds the dialogue of the game with:

"Knock, Knock!" (this should be said in a big, gruff voice)

"Who's there?" the piglets respond.

"The big, bad wolf!"

"Whaddya want?"

"Coloured eggs!"

"What colour?"

The wolf then proceeds to name off colours he thinks the piglets might have chosen.

Most of the time the wolf will be wrong because the piglets are smart and didn't choose pink, green, or orange. No, instead they chose invisible, lilac, rainbow-coloured. The piglets then make buzzer noises, yell "No!" in really obnoxious voices, or, and this is the worst of all, pull menacingly on their ear lobe while saying, "Flush it down the toilet!"

When the wolf finally goes through every possible colour and finally realizes that he's probably working with an invisible or rainbow-coloured egg and he guesses one of those two right, the pigelt owner then takes off around the honey suckle and barrels toward the swing set, wishing that instead of being made of splintery wood that it had those smooth metal poles so that he could grab them and spin around the swing set. Unfortunately, our swing set was made of wood and if you grabbed it going too fast you would most certainly end up in mom's lap with a pair of tweezers...

I suppose you're all wondering how the game ends. Well, I told you. It's just like Duck, Duck,, if the pig reaches home first then the wolf remains the wolf. However, if the pig is caught and eaten by the wolf then the wolf becomes a pig and the pig is the new wolf.

We played that game a lot!


  1. Hey, great eggs! I am sure that you and Josie had more fun. Taxes stink. What are those little egg stands that I see. Can you buy them at the store. I am sure they work good for drying eggs.

    I like humpty dumpty too.

  2. I still play that game with my swimming lesson kids... and my own in the summer...odd how no one really knows that game??? Where did we learn it? And for the record, the "flush it down the toilet" should be done in a sing-song voice, followed by thumbs down and a raspberry sound!

    You know what other game I like alot... That "We're going to Kentucky, We're going to the fair. To see a senorita with flowers in her hair..." My kids love that one too... oh, and Punchanella Funny Fella! (probably didn't spell that right) Hmmm... maybe we'll play that for fam. home evening tomorrow night!