Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Green Thumb, continued

Andrew and I finally got a plant last week. It took a lot of thought and careful consideration before we made our $5 purchase. I had to read every single "care instructions" card on every single plant. I finally came across one that gave the following conditions:

1) Bright light preferred
2) Never below 40°F
3) Allow soil to dry between waterings
4) Fertilize in spring or late summer
5) Remove old or yellow fronds

At least with this plant I will be able to complete 2/5 requirements, which really isn't bad. I have no problems not exposing my plant to temperatures below 40 degrees...especially inside my house. And I certainly have no problem allowing the soil to dry between waterings. In fact, I think that I will do pretty good at allowing the soil to dry between waterings.

Here is the newest addition to our household, a Sago Palm, properly known as a Cycas revoluta.

This plant has outlived most dinosaurs, so I'm pretty sure it can survive our house. When we got home, I had to do a little more research just to make sure the plant was well-nigh invincible--otherwise we would have had to take it back to the store!

I found a website that helped me gain the confidence I needed to raise my sweet little Sago. They said that although sagos prefer full sunlight, they can adapt to shade. They can live in a wide range of temperatures. They may need to be watered once a week, or less....

I'm pretty sure that this plant is a survivor. The true test of its longevity will be to see how long it lasts under my care!


  1. Nancy you and this plant facination are so funny. I can't keep a house plant alive to save my life. I can grown a beautiful garden but put the plants in my house and I will constantly neglect them...the good news is the kids are still alive, healthy, and happy. Thank goodness they can water themselves :)

  2. Yeah...I currently have my daffodils and my sago palm on the same watering schedule. Let's just say that my daffodils aren't doing too great--I can't even tell if they're alive or dead. They don't seem to be growing.

    But I really, really like plants. I wish that I was as good at tending them as my grandma was!

  3. I (despite being the plant person I am) had never had an inside plant until we got married. Then, Andy and I chose out some plants (Andy had always had plants in his apartments...). I chose a cute little Spath and Andy chose a rubber tree. A few days later he also brought home a norfolk island pine and a velvet-leaf pathos... All of Andy's plants have flourished and mine died. I of course, have since adopted his plants so they are now "our" plants, and they are doing great. Of course, Andy is the one that waters them...

    BTW, I'm sure your daffodil is done for the season... When the leaves yellow you can cut them off and store it like you did last year. Did it bloom this year? I've heard they don't always...

  4. My Daffodils are still like 2 cms I'm pretty sure they're done for this year as well, although I keep hoping that they'll grow.

    They probably won't...

    Inside plants are hard because nature doesn't help out very much with watering and light--you have to remember to open the curtains and feed it's all terribly difficult!