Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saturday Night Show

And from our Saturday night show as well. That way you can see where we make our mistakes and piece together the whole routine...because we definitely made mistakes both nights!



Just a note on the beginning of our finale...we kind of rechoreographed that on Tuesday night because originally we did the "bucket" lift, but I kind of struggled holding myself up with my new center of gravity. For the bucket lift, the man and woman link arms, and the woman then spins around the man with her legs in a stag-like position holding herself up with only one arm linked to the man. It hurt my arm too much so we cut that. So, that is why this isn't as smooth as we'd why I started spinning on the wrong leg and then had to switch up really fast so that we could go into the lift...oops! Anyway...


  1. You guys did so great! I loved watching it!

  2. This is really cool guys. Ezra and I had fun watching it. In the pink dress when you are spinning around I can finally see the baby...YEAH!

  3. WOW!! you guys look terrific!!! Keep dancing, it will bring great joy to your lives when things get a little stressful. We had some of the office missionaries watching when they heard the music, and Grandpa will be showing others tomorrow. Nancy, I'm so impressed that you look so slim even at 6 months pregnant.

    We love you, and hope you are both doing well. We keep you in our prayers each morning and night.

    Grandma and Grandpa Heiss