Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'll volley YOUR ball!

Patrick has this cool t-shirt that says, "I'll Timp YOUR Nogos!" I happen to find it really funny. In case anyone is left in the dark, some of us went and some of us are going to Timpanogos High School. It's in the shadow of Mt. Timpanogos, which also happens to be the name of the temple Andrew and I were married in.

Anyway, Patrick had a volleyball game this evening. Josie came to hang out with me because she didn't have mutal tonight so we were planning on going to Patrick's volleyball game together. We would have to leave my house with enough time to walk to Mountain View High School in order to watch the game since Andrew has the car. The only problem: we had no idea what time his game was at.

At 6:55 I phoned him. He was supposed to have phoned mom or me to let us know when the game was, but for all we knew he hadn't.

He answers.

"Hey!" I begin cheerily, "What time is your game?"

"7:00." He answers, point blank.

"Oh, well, I still have to make dinner and stuff, so I don't know if we'll be able to make it in time. We have to walk, you know..." (I'm only slightly annoyed here).

"Yeah, so?"

"So, why didn't you tell us when your game was earlier?"

"I tried. I called your house at 5:00, but no one answered so I hung up."

"Why didn't you leave a message?" (I'm a little more annoyed here).

"I don't do messages."

Point taken. He doesn't do messages, apparently. He's probably too street for that, or something.

Lucky for us he also had a game at 9:00 so we had time to eat dinner, walk over to the High School, and watch his game.

I'm glad that I went. He made some awesome hits!

Layton, #27
Unlike me, Patrick is actually good at volleyball. That's probably why he's on both the high school team and UVSC's team. He's good. He's not afraid to get right up close to the net (I am), he's not afraid to absolutely whack the ball (I am), and he can jump (I can't).

Thus we see that my friends who took me out to play volleyball every Thursday night awhile back (the semester before Andrew got home from his mission) really were just taking me for friendship, not because they thought I could play. How nice.

Getting some net action
Called to serve
Taking a breather
Mosh pit!
Here is a clip of the game. For your convience, I've tried to break down the time for you. He hit the ball at (around) 55 seconds, 1:17, 1:21, 1:49, and then at 2:16 he totally slammed it. That was an impressive hit.

And that pretty much sums up my brother's life. He wakes up at 4 am to play volleyball, everyday! That's dedication! And then he plays games until 10 pm! (Also dedication). He loves it though, and he's good so, as Andrew and I say, "If it feels good, and you don't lose the Spirit, do it!"


  1. This is from my sister's MySpace Page...since you can't read it unless you log into MySpace I copied it here. :)


    Okay so the kids have once again indicated how uncool I am. We're on our way to Okotoks and Piper says to Deklan: "Sons of Butcher is street y'know." I thought I heard wrong.

    "It's what?" I ask.

    "Street." Piper says.

    "what's 'street'" I ask

    (Heavy exasperated sigh) "Y'know, street means cool." She says.

    "Oh, o-kay."

    "Yeah, Kaley speaks "street" all the time." Says Deklan

    "Oh, how do you speak street?" I am completely confused and sure that I am coming across as a complete loser by this point.

    "You know, like a black woman." I must point out this is from the mouth of a seven year old, and lest someone randomly reads this, it is not a slur of any kind. However, I do understand now.

    He then says: "I wish I was street."

    "Who says you're not?" I ask.

    "My teacher."

    "Oh, well, she probably doesn't understand and thinks you're asking if she thinks you're a street." I tell him.

    "If it makes a difference, I think you're 'street.'" I test out this new phrase.

    "Oh, okay." He says happily.

    "Ohhhh, I want to be street." Piper whines.

    "Okay, you're street." I tell her.

    Both kids are oddly satisfied with this.

    Kai looks wistfully out the window. "I wish I could be a tree he says softly."

    "Okay, you can be a tree." I tell him.

    That settled, I am now apparently slightly cooler (street) than I was before.

    And I must add that it made me feel good to have to explain the word "uber" to Billy whom had never heard of the word before (now who's "street"?) After explaining how to use the word, we read Nancy's blog which contained that very word... wow! Talk about coincidences!

  2. Wow, since when did Timpanogos have a website? How long has Patrick been playing volleyball?

  3. I don't know how long Timpanogos has had a website, but I don't think that they had one back in 2000 because we were mailed info about school...

    Patrick has been playing for awhile. His first year on team was last year (I'm pretty sure). This year he's doing both Timp and UVSC.

    Hopefully he gets some sporty scholarship or something. That would be cool.