Monday, April 09, 2007

Good Boy!

One of our neighbours downstairs has a little boy named Andrew. At times this can be quite humorous. For example, today at church, our neighbour called out in the hallway, "Andrew! Turn around!"

Andrew, looking shocked, and for some reason almost sheepish, dutifully turned around only to hear the mother continue, "We're going to nursery now."

My obedient husband almost hightailed it to the nursery...and then he saw our neighbours.

You would think we would be used to this by now. We often hear random things associated with Andrew's name. At times they are all too ironic:

· On the way out to the car, "Andrew, don't forget your raisins!"
· While getting the mail, "Don't you ever run into the street again, Andrew!"
· While locking up the house, "Andrew, close that door right now!"
· While leaving to go for a walk, "Hey, Andrew! Come back here!"

Pick up your toys, Andrew...Stop screaming, Andrew...Hold my hand, Andrew...Not right now, Andrew...

Each time my Andrew hears anything he always pauses and tries to do what he's told. At times I've had to remind him that he doesn't usually eat raisins for a snack, and that since we're running 10 minutes late he doesn't need to run back in and get some.


Andrew, you're not 2 anymore. People don't typically tell you not to run out into the street. You've had that down for a few years.

Really, Andrew, you're not the only Andrew. There are 4 just on my side of the family alone. You should be used to it by now!


  1. Well, that's what happens when your name is pretty popular. I remember my friends in school that had names that were pretty familiar. Everytime someone said Jenny, like half of the girls on the playground turned to see who had called them.

    Just think if you had a boy and named him Andrew. Poor Andrew..I mean the big on, of course.

  2. My friend just had a baby...she named him Robby IV. Seriously...the kid is Robert Something IV. It's a family name (obviously), but still hard. His dad goes by Robby...


  3. Ezra is actually Jason Ezra. We never intend to call him Jason but Jason Ezra sounded better then Ezra Jason so there you go. Usually it is no big deal but whenever we take him to the doctor they always call him Jason. Jason knows this and yet he always has this very confused moment where he is like, "What?"