Monday, April 02, 2007

Signs of a better week

Aside from sleeping in this morning, I've had a gallimaufry of signs appear, letting me know that this week is going to be a better week.

1) We got to school only 10 minutes late. It really shouldn't have happened that way, but instead of setting the alarm, Andrew set the clock forward a few when I woke up with the sun streaming into our bedroom and the clockface mocking me with a big, red 8:00, it was really only 7:40. We left the house at 7:52 and got to school at 8:07, and into our respective workplaces at around 8:13. Not too shabby, really.

2) I had a message on my phone saying that I get to go to a luncheon on Wednesday. That's always a sign of a good week.

3) I had a big box of stuff from the book conference sitting on my desk with a note from my boss saying, "Please put these back, please." How polite!

4) Andrew and I completely finished coregraphing our dance routine yesterday. Now we just have to practice it a few times and we should be good to go for Thursday.

5) March really did go out like a lamb. If you watched General Conference, you would have seen how beautiful it was this weekend, including March 31st (the last day of March). The trees are blossoming and the grass is greenifying.

And thus we see, it's going to be a good week. A busy but good week.

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