Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idiot Day Girl

Today Andrew opened up my car door for me and said something. What I heard was, "There you go, Idiot Day Girl."

I narrowed my eyes, cocked my head, and said, "What?"

He took a moment to think before answering my question. He knows never to cross an angry pregnant lady. "Ummm...there are 88 days until our due date. Happy 88 Day?"

"Oh," I said, "I thought you called me an idiot for no reason whatsoever."

We had a good laugh about that, especially because I've been pretty good about not being a ditz lately.

That is until this afternoon.

After getting up from our nap, I decided that I would wear shorts since I can't wear shorts to work and I don't have to work for awhile. I got out this really cute pair that I haven't worn for about a year...but for some odd reason, I couldn't get them to do up.

Feeling rather frustrated, I went to Andrew, "My shorts don't fit anymore!" I complained.

"You're six months pregnant." He said.

Oh, yeah...I totally forgot. Is that what that huge pot belly is? Phew.

Andrew and I just got back from our walk. While we were out and about we saw my friend, Heather. We smiled and exchanged the traditional niceties. She was carrying a yoga mat.

That's funny, I thought, Why is she carrying a yoga mat around?

I continued walking only to realize 5 steps later that I, uh, also should have been at yoga because I have yoga every Wednesday at 6:00...Patrick left at 5:30...Andrew and I talked about my going to yoga right after he left. You would think that I could remember that I was supposed to be somewhere for half an hour.

"Oh, no!" I said, rather loudly, "I was supposed to go to yoga, too!"

Heather laughed at me. I really am quite ditzy!

That's okay, though. I just found out Andrew is scared of bees. He's scared of bees like I'm scared of dogs.

I saw a huge bee. "Look at that bee," I said, "It's huge!"

Andrew started flaring his arms around and running in circles shouting, "Where, where?"

5 seconds later he actually saw the bee. "Oh, all the way over there..."

Odd how the bee wants to eat flowers and not Andrew. Actually, I think I knew Andrew was afraid of bees...there is a story in the far reaches of my brain about Andrew at a birthday party and being stung by bees. Yes, yes...he's actually had his share of bad experiences with bees. He wrote a paper in grade 9 entitled, "Insects that hurt me." My favorite part is when he compares wasps and hornets to vultures and tries to explain some of their benefits saying, "this is a very difficult subject to write because they have very painful stings and bites, and they are a very aggressive form of insects."

I suppose we have both earned the title of idiot for today. Me with my forgetfulness and Andrew with his arm flaring.


  1. I have a story of andrew being stung by a bee. It was senior year and we were celebrating my birthday up in the canyon (a total surprise to me). It was april so there really aren't that many bees out yet, in fact there weren't any out at all (or so we thought). WEll, while we were playing around guess who gets stung by a bee? yup, Andrew. He gets stung by probably the only bee out at that time of year up in the canyon. way to go andrew.

  2. Haha, I guess we all have our share of idiot days over the course of living.. as for you being "so much bigger"... good grief. I look like that WITHOUT being pregnant. you are TINY.

  3. HAHAHA, Andrew, I could actually see him opening the door and saying that! Good way to open your blog, since I stalk you and read it like everyday, I laugh every time I read the opening sentence!!