Sunday, April 08, 2007

Salt and Pepper and Company, too!

For Easter, we got some new salt and pepper shakers in our shared Easter basket. Most of the candy in the basket is from Halloween, to be honest, but that's because we just aren't very good at eating candy in our house.

We are rather excited at this new addition to our table set. See, our old salt and pepper shakers are rather bulky, to say the least. To be absolutely honest, they are bigger than our cups.

It gets pretty squishy at the table with the plates, cups, and salt and pepper shakers. If we ever have company over, it gets really squishy. We're excited to be able to keep the salt and pepper on the table while company is over instead of having to jump up and run to the kitchen to grab them. Oh, and we'll be able to see our company over the salt and pepper shakers, too. There's nothing worse than having to move the shakers to see your guests.

Don't worry, we won't be casting our old shakers completely off. Instead they have acquired a new title: The Cooking Shakers. They really are excellent for cooking because the salt and pepper comes out in such marvelously abundant quantities so you don't have to shake it a million times to get out a teaspoon-worth of salt or pepper. And, they match the two other shakers in our big stainless steel collection. We're not really sure what the other two are for, but as far as we can guess they are for Parmesan cheese and powdered sugar. You know, for condiments for spaghetti and pancakes respectively.

At any rate, our table is much more open and conducive to proper dinner conversations.

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  1. I love how you can take a little topic, such as salt and pepper shakers, and make an entertaining blog entry. You should be a writer....or work in a library or something. :)