Saturday, November 03, 2007

At the Park with the Parks

We headed back into Provo Canyon with some friends to enjoy the last of the fall weather. I can't believe how warm it is out--and it's November! We had a quick little lunch at McDonald's and then headed out to Canyon View Park. Bonnie and I were the ones planning this outing and we didn't really plan it very well, which is why we ended up at McDonald's. There, Bonnie suggested that we should have planned a picnic lunch. We both have new babies though, so the picnic never got planned. Oh, well!

It was a little difficult at first...Amy decided she had to eat, so she and Bonnie stayed back with the vehicles. Matt took some pictures of our little family while Bonnie was occupied.

(I'm not really sure what's happening with my foot in these pictures)

As soon as Bonnie and Amy joined us, Rachel decided that she was hungry, so Andrew took some pictures of their family while I fed Rachel. This is my favorite one:

It was fun to get some more family pictures taken, but it was even more fun to play with our babies at the park.

Amy liked the slide a lot more than Rachel did. Rachel is a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to gravity. She preferred to watch everyone else get in on the action.

Bonnie saw a pile of leaves that we just couldn't resist. We propped the girls up with our baby bags and tried to get some good shots of them. They were looking into the sun though, and wouldn't open their eyes, and they kept tipping over!

Amy and Rachel are going to be good friends. I can tell. But, wait! Is that Amy sticking her tongue out at my daughter? How rude! I'm not sure if I should let Rachel play with her anymore, but I guess Rachel does her fair share of tongue-sticking-out, so it's probably okay.

It was fun to get away from the hum-drum of homework again and spend some time together as families and friends. And aren't we just cute little families? I think so.


  1. hahaha... you guys are cute! (both families) Although, I'm not sure the little girls enjoyed being propped up by baby bags so much lol!

  2. ps. love the "While you were Sleeping." allusion... "I noticed you were... leaning." Funny Funny!

  3. You look great, Nancy! And what a cute family you have; Rachel is growing so fast! It's fun to see the Parks, too... tell Matt he had a nice sweater on! :) What a small world it is... (especially in Provo, I guess!)

  4. You know the Parks, too? I knew Heidi do you know them?

  5. I thought we had this conversation already... but I guess not! Since we didn't, you wouldn't get the allusion to the sweater... That was from the 2003 winter semester in Nauvoo... I was there too! Then I saw him fairly often on campus. I knew he'd gotten married, but I didn't know that he had a baby until you mentioned it in one of your posts... so I clicked on it and was surprised to find that I actually knew the person!