Friday, November 16, 2007


Once Andrew had a nightmare and woke up waving his arms and screaming, "No...PHP! No P! No H! Not enough P! Not enough H! PHP! PHP!"

At the time I wasn't really sure what he was screaming about and I didn't want to wake him up to ask him, so I just stroked his back and said, "It's alright, those nasty letters won't get you, it's alright."

He had been working on quite a few websites at the time, and since I had been helping him, I was also having dreams about working on websites. He's more technical, though, and I'm more artistic. So I was having dreams about drawing things and having my computer crash. I could only figure that he was having dreams about some computer language.

"Is PHP a computer language?" I asked him. I had no idea.

"Yes, why?" He said.

"Because the other night, you woke me up by screaming..."

Well, we all know what he was screaming.

Having just revamped our blog, I can also attest that computer languages are nightmarish. I made everything in photoshop (obviously I still need to redesign a few things, like the header) and then Andrew sat by my side and walked me through the CSS and HTML side of things. I have a pretty basic knowledge of the going-ons of CSS, but when it gets right down to the nitty gritty, it's pretty confusing. It gets easier as you go along, but honestly, it's nightmarish.

Oh, the things we do to have quality time together. Design websites, watch foreign films (for homework, mind you)...I'm even thinking of taking up raquetball even though I am deathly afraid of balls. Andrew likes raquetball though, so I figure it can't be too bad. He hasn't started knitting with me yet, or anything, but he does take great interest when I show him my projects every step of the way. And he often goes on walks with me. So, there. We both do things with each other just to enjoy being with the other person, even though we aren't necessarily wowed by the activity itself.

Photoshop, CSS and web design are becoming more alluring with everything I learn though. Andrew may just make a computer nerd out of me yet!


  1. So, by the way...Andrew isn't sleeping right now, but he is playing a math game (that we put on the computer (that he just put Linux on (nerdy nerd-head)) for Josie), practicing his addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    There are math-question meteorites zooming toward Earth and you have to protect your cities by answering the questions, thereby blowing the meteorites up.

    He just whisper-yelled (the baby's sleeping. It's 1 AM!) "Help, help, help, help, help! What's 11+12?"

    And then I hear a bunch of crashing noises and can see his screen blowing up in front of his eyes.

    You know, I think he was genuinely sad about that. It's well past bedtime--I was going to make him quit soon, anyway.

    Hopefully he doesn't have nightmares about it though!

  2. And just for the record, I like foreign films. I just think it's funny that I watch the ones he needs to for his class just to spend time with him. I read his textbooks, too.

    Oh, dear. I'm a nerdy nerd-head just as much as he is!

  3. I am so cool. What would we do without me? Cities would be destroyed by falling math meteors.

  4. Matt and I do the same thing. I watch him play a new game he's been so excited for, until I fall asleep usually (about 20mins into it. . .) and he always ooohs, and aahs over my scrapbook pages and my crafty projects. We also try to get a walk in once a day so we can just talk.
    wouldn't it be cool if I turned matt into a crafty person, like andrew's turning you into a 'computer nerd'? that would be awesome! :)