Friday, November 30, 2007

Oops, there goes another rubber tree...

We found a wreath at Robert's. It was half off so it was only a couple of bucks. We bought it.

It sat on my lap on the way home so I was examining it. I noticed the tag. It said, "Canadian Pine Wreath." Obviously it wasn't a real Canadian pine wreath since it smells and looks like plastic, but I pointed out my little find to Andrew.

"Awww," I teased, "It's a Canadian pine wreath. Makes me feel homesick."

"Why?" he asked, "Do they grow fake pine trees up in Canada?"

"Yeah," I said without missing a beat, "There's a grove right next to the rubber tree forest."

Laughs all around. Thank you.

It's a good thing we find each other entertaining. I'm not sure anyone else truly understands our humor.

Anyway, we now have a beautiful, albeit fake, Canadian pine wreath hanging on our front door. This would seem welcoming, except for the fact that it completely covers up our house number; so in a way I guess it's more of a determent than a welcoming factor.

I decorated it using some snowmen from our wedding lunch. People wrote messages on the backs of them wishing us luck in our marriage. Here's a random sampler of what some of them say:

Dear Andrew and Nancy: Always remember what you heard in the temple from your sealer. You have a great life together [forever]. Love, Grandpa Frank

Have a nice life Puds! --Jacob

Come up with some traditions of your own. --Mom Myrna Layton

Much happiness is wished for you for the eternities. Love, Clark and Lynnea Anderson

Happy Anniversary. (This has no signature but it looks like David's handwriting. When we read it this year, Andrew said, "Someone was thinking ahead...")

You guys are nerds! /Emily

There are really some entertaining thoughts on these snowmen. If you ever get bored and need a good laugh or if you need some marriage advice, feel free to come and read our door!

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  1. Rubber trees in Canada? ;) Rubber plants in other parts of the world... but I don't think you'll find any up there... haha. OK. A rubber plant can live in the house. I'd be interested to see the fake pine forest though. Let me know when you find it...