Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree Trimming

Was it just last night that we decorated the Christmas tree? Perhaps it was the day before. In fact, I think it was. We'll say it was Wednesday that we finally decorated our tree that has been sitting looking all lonely and forlorn in our living room since a few days before Thanksgiving.

This year we used a nice seven foot tree that Andrew's parents gave to us (it's their old tree). It's easily three times the size of the tree we've used the past two years.

What I can't understand is how the ornaments fit on our little tree since there were enough to fill this great big tree.

Rachel had a blast looking at the lights and playing with all the ornaments. Andrew held her up to the tree and she started tugging on all the branches, pulling ornaments off and dropping them on the floor. She was having a grand old time. Lucky for us she isn't quite mobile enough to completely topple the tree or I'm sure she would. We'll have to watch out for her next year.

And here's a picture from today. She crawled (read: inched) her way over to some beads I left on the floor and rolled herself up in them. She then scooted her way back to her toys. She was one happy girl that she saw a target, reached the target, and returned to home base. Usually I stop her, remove the target, or she ends up scooting backwards instead of forwards.

Why is it that we even bother buying toys for babies? They much prefer to play with water bottles, beads, and boxes--at least, my baby does.

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