Monday, November 05, 2007

Devil Cat

Let me start by saying that I love cats. They have always been my favorite animals. My parents have three big, fluffy, white cats living at their house. We've had a whole history of cats at our house. And a few birds. But mostly cats. We're just cat people.

Andrew is a cat person as well. He grew up with Dukie and has been indoctrinating Rachel against dogs from day one.

But seriously, this cat is the most horrible cat in the whole world. Last Sunday when we went home teaching, the cat jumped out of the bushes and started attacking my legs. It then ran off and then ran right inbetween Andrew and I and then started jumping at the baby.

Yesterday I got attacked while walking across the field to the Parks' home.

Today it tried to attack the stroller as Rachel and I were walking home.

It stalks the whole complex. There is no way to avoid it. Whenever I step out the door to do the simplest of errands, I get attacked by this cat.

Oh, looks docile enough, but deep down inside, I think this cat believes it is a tiger. A big, ferocious, man-eating tiger. Do you see how it is starting at me through the bushes, ready to pounce?

I've never really been afraid of cats. But I am afraid of this one. It's worse than Winter and Simon combined--and that is saying something.

We need a sign for the whole neighborhood: BEWARE OF KILLER CAT!

(Sorry if the people who own the cat read this...I just don't like your cat)


  1. That is scary! Is it declawed, or does it scratch you too?

  2. Call animal control, love. That's a danger. Not good!

  3. Scary! We have a cat or two running around our building too, but they mostly run away if they see you coming. I hope your evil learns its lesson soon and does the same kind of thing!

  4. Yeah...I'm not sure I could call animal control--it's definitely someone's pet. Has a bell around its neck (and good thing, too).

    We had an attack cat (Winter) but to my knowledge she only ever attacked my mom for fun. The other people she attacked approached her, she would growl, and then if they didn't back off she would strike. But fair warning.

    I think this cat is just leaving "kitten-hood" and doesn't know what do to with its playfulness. It doesn't really scratch--just pounces. All the time.

    All the same, I've tried crouching down and calling it over (because most kittens like being cuddled) and it just charged at me.

  5. All the more reason to call animal control... put the fear into the owners! So they take some responsibility for their pet.

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